Saturday, April 13, 2024

Robot Zafira scans customers, dispenses sanitizer at cloth stores in India

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to the rise in the popularity of robots. Robots are being used to disinfect the infected areas, remotely measure the vital signs of the patients, monitor social distancing, and many more. Now, as states slowly begin to reopen, the businesses, warehouses, and shops are trying to figure out how to keep workers and customers safe while simultaneously adhering to government guidelines and trying to maximize profits.

In India, a robot Mannequin called ‘Zafira’ is being used at the cloth stores of a company. The company has installed the robot Zafira, which is a voice-activated robot that can be dressed up in various outfits, at all its cloth-stores in Tiruchirappalli, a city in India’s southern Tamil Nadu state. Zafira takes all necessary precautionary measures to prevent infection among people. This robot keeps an eye on all the customers visiting the shop.

Equipped with artificial intelligence, the humanoid robot monitors if people entering the store wearing masks and respecting social distancing measures, check their body temperature, and dispenses sanitizer. This intelligent image sensing multifunctional robot also keeps track of the number of people entering the store.

We’ve developed robots ever since COVID-19 broke out and the lockdown was imposed, to help frontline workers. The robot has a complete intelligence system. It can also track the number of people entering the store at a time and send details to owners via email, daily,” said Aashik Rahman, CEO, Zafi Robots, the company that developed Zafira.

Initially, a prototype of the robot was very successful, and now the manufacturer is focusing on mass production since they have received orders in bulk from various showrooms of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.