Friday, May 31, 2024

Robot waiter LG CLOi ServeBot started serving customers in Seoul

Robots are becoming more and more a part of our lives. At its native Seoul, South Korea, LG Electronics, is testing, one of them, LG CLOi ServeBot – a robot assistant to the waiter that can operate the tables independently. The robot has begun serving customers at CJ Foodville’s Cheiljemyunso restaurant.

According to the company, the LG CLOi ServeBot can bring customers several meals at once in the four shelves on its body while avoiding obstacles autonomously. Obviously, it has collision avoidance systems and can also ask for clearance. As the robot moves, it plays music so that the surroundings know about its presence. In addition to bringing food, the robot can bring the stacked dishes back to the kitchen after customers have finished their meal.

This self-driving robot waiter also features an LED screen through which it shows different facial expressions. According to LG, the robot is useful for transporting too hot dishes, as well as heavy trays.

The aim is also to enable human operators to address other customer needs better and to increase safety when transporting hot plates and trays. The company began working last year with the chain of restaurants CJ Foodville and put several robots into operation (the first was the noodles-making robot).

The LG CLOi robot series has several experimental robots, including a smart home hub, a lawnmower, a porter, and a vacuum cleaner.

In the next decade, we will encounter robots more and more often, and over time it will be nothing unusual for us. Until then, however, they still need to be significantly improved. Experimental pieces from Boston Dynamics are among the best on the market, but they still do not achieve a sufficient price/performance ratio for general use.