Tuesday, May 21, 2024

RiderBuds: Earbuds that disappear in your ear canal

Motorcyclists will wonder knowing about new earphones since they are simply best ever earphones frequent riders. RiderBuds are designed by a Motorcyclist who has a genuine passion and found need of such audio solution. Maurice put his 100 percent efforts to enhance the audio experience for riders worldwide. Out of his passion and vision, he designed RiderBuds.

RiderBuds are exceptional earphones for riders. Their perfect fit and comfort under a helmet set them apart from other amazing earphones on the market. Besides, these earbuds cut down the wind noise, give incredible audio quality and built super tough.

Simply, RiderBuds are perfect for a rider and you in all aspects.


These are the smallest earphone ever made. They get sealed in your ear canal and every single millimeter counts. Earbuds before these had 27 millimeters ear tip 8.40 millimeters wide and hard bodied. Whereas, RiderBuds have 22.10 millimeters ear tip and 5.40 millimeters wide and soft-bodied.

Specified size matters even every millimeter matters to differentiate from any other earphones. When we talk about these earbuds then they hide inside your ear canal and will not come in interference with your helmet liner. So, just forget about pressure points even on the long rides, vibrations transferred from the helmet and dislodging whether your helmet is on/off if you have RiderBuds.

RiderBuds no dislodge
RiderBuds no dislodge

You definitely have faced the issue of dislodging even due to the lightest pull on the cable. But with RiderBuds no longer there is need to hold your cable tight because they will seal up inside your ear canal and takes a far greater effort to break.

Conventional earbuds on the market if somehow fits in your ear will not let you enjoy music to the full extent due to wind noise.

You should not underestimate the wind noise it is a ‘silent killer’, they say. It hardly takes 15 minutes of wind noise exposure at highway speeds to lose hearing ability permanently without any protection. Therefore, the requisite level of noise protection is required to riders.

Noise Reduction Comparison
Noise Reduction Comparison

RiderBuds devised with a unique Silicone and foam ear tips design which provides the same level of noise reduction found in protective earplugs.

Creator of RiderBuds said, “With RiderBuds, we’ve taken a fundamentally different approach with delivering audio into your ears. Instead of having the source of the sound outside of your ear, it’s deep inside your ear.”

“The combination of superior noise attenuation and use of our extremely precise audio driver means one thing. Enjoy the quality and crispness of sound that’s never been experienced before on a bike. At any speed.”

RiderBuds noise reduction
RiderBuds noise reduction

Every rider has a distinct ear size and preferences. Some prefer the strong seal and durability of the triple-flanged high-grade Silicone tips whereas some prefer the comfort and softness of memory foam tips.

RiderBuds design

Not just ear tips but its cables also designed contemplating riders comfortability. They designed short module for intercom headset user. Forget those tangled cables, connect easily or disconnect with your helmet on. There is a provision of long cables also for other devices.

Also, equipped unique over-sized volume remote controller is easy to operate with all kinds of gloves.

The modular cable design utilized simply disconnects at the mid-way connection point if enough force is applied. It will save you from any kind of serious pain or discomfort due to any sudden pull.

One more additional feature they added on RiderBuds that is the special coiled cable design. Enjoy your long rides and adventures with RiderBuds that hide into your ears under tight helmets.