Revotron is revolutionized and well balanced next generation petrol engine from TATA MOTORS. India’s first petrol engine Revotron 1.2T has set a new benchmark in petrol engine area and been designed by surveying across the globe, observing and testing the toilsome climatic change in India and other countries like UK and Korea. TATA motors worked with AVL of Austria and key technology partners like Bosch, Honeywell, Mahle, and INA in the area of combustion, boosting, friction and calibration, to deliver quality performance. One more partner is Pune based Elring Klinger to develop the asymmetric pistons with PVD coated piston rings which reduce frictional losses, due to that combustion improved and as a result, efficiency.

Revotron is 1.2-litre, four-cylinder, turbocharged, inter-cooled, multi-point fuel injected (MPFI) petrol motor. It is light in weight and low in friction so that it can bear high performance and provide beneficial fuel economy. The motor develops a max torque of 140 Nm at 1500-4000 RPM and max power of 90 PS at 5000 RPM.


  1. Advanced catalytic converter

    A built-in catalytic converter reduces toxic emissions. The toxic pollutants in the exhaust gas are turned into less harmful particles. This helps in minimizing harm to the environment.

  2. Multi-drive mode

    Revotron 1.2T came with three driving modes as:

    • Sports Mode: Increases the power output of the engine.
    • Eco Mode: Gets you maximum fuel efficiency.
    • Traffic Mode: Offers a balance between power and efficiency.
  3. Low friction crankcase

    A constrained crankcase with an innovative piston concept. The asymmetric shape leads to low friction and minimized noise, vibration, and harshness i.e. NVH which provides better noise shield.

  4. Revolutionary ECU

    EMS monitors the Fuel System, turbocharger working, the exhaust gas system, the Purge System, the catalyst, misfire, and Oxygen Sensor. Tata Motors and Bosch have worked together in providing the revolutionary ECU for Revotron 1.2T.

    Intelligent ECU has an off and onboard ambient pressure sensor and boosts correction. This enables more precise control of turbo and altitude correction, resulting in comfortable drive even in high-altitude conditions.

    This intelligent part of Revotron 1.2T enables the car to have a self-diagnosis capacity in order to monitor vehicle status and have precise control over the vehicle’s performance, throttle, and emission.

  5. Drive by wire technology

    The throttle of the engine is electronically controlled through the DBW (Drive by Wire) technology. This means a sensor attached to the vehicle calculates the travel of accelerator pedal and transmits the input to ECU which in turn manages the throttle of the vehicle.

  6. 8-hole fuel injector

    Revotron 1.2T is designed the way it provides maximum fuel atomization, resulting in efficient combustion and it results in output per power stroke. Drop and drop deliver.

  7. CFD optimized intake manifold

    AVL optimize the intake manifolds which used to send air inside cylinders.As a result, fuel, and air combusted in engine mixed well.

    Revotron 1.2T comes in ZEST and BOLT. TATA motors have come with the revolutionary era.