Revonte ONE Drive System will soon be driving EAV cargo bikes

It is not so long ago that we informed you about the new Revonte ONE Drive system, a new type of e-bike drive system with unique functional principles and features.

In January 2020, Revonte announced the first e-bike manufacturers to use the revolutionary Revonte ONE drive system, which included Tunturi, Lavelle Bikes, and RS Development. Now, EAV, the manufacturer specializing in e-cargo bikes, also joined the future-oriented group of companies and expanded the area in which the new drive system will be used.

The UK-based company, which has produced a new generation of e-cargo bikes – the EAVan and the EAVcab, wants to equip its current and upcoming EAV model lines with the Revonte ONE Drive System.

The Revonte ONE app is a full-blown cycling computer right in your mobile phone.
The Revonte ONE Drive System with an app.

The EAVan line offers functions and features that were previously only known in motorized vehicles but fall under the provisions of normal e-bike. In addition to improved payload capacities, the EAVan and EAVcab offer numerous advantages in terms of safety and from an operational perspective.

We’re very excited to be working with Revonte and to be able to use the ONE Drive System on both the EAVan and the EAVcab,said Adam Barmby, Founder of EAV. “In fact, we’ll be using the ONE Drive System for all our EAV vehicles, which includes the new HG-EAV. The Revonte ONE Drive System is the most advanced smart drive system to feature on eBikes and provides key features which, when included as part of EAV vehicles, will continue to transform the urban transport landscape and provide the best immediate and future solution to both environmental and congestion pollution with no loss of efficiency to operators”.

Revonte will work closely with the EAV to adapt the software as best as possible to the requirements of the new e-cargo bike series. The high level of adaptability is a key feature of the Revonte ONE drive system, and best meets the needs of a rapidly growing e-bike market.

It is not yet certain when the first e-bikes with the Revonte ONE Drive will be on the road. After the new drive for e-bikes was announced in April last year, market launch is planned for this year.


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