Revolutionary pocket-sized sanitizing robot with AI


CleanseBot is also like other robotic tools designed to help people walk through life. But it is unique in its own versatility and effectiveness. A bunch of passionate and creative people clubbed together and call their company Venture Studio, made this robot.

Well, there are several germiest places in hotel rooms around the world. For instance, light switches, television remotes, and the bedspread. A study at the University of Houston has shown that 81 percent of surfaces in hotel rooms contain germs and harmful bacteria.

However, to rescue such a situation while traveling, CleanseBot is a perfect choice.

Tom Yang and Cecilia Hsu, Founders of Venture Studio, shared their experience and reason to design CleanseBot. In 2017 when both were on a vacation and checked into one of the best-known hotels in the country found unfavorable conditions. They found a messy bed and unsanitary conditions.

This unhealthy condition gave rise to an idea to design their own smart and powerful tool to sanitize and disinfect easily.

Apparently, a team launched the world’s first bacteria killing robot. It can sanitize and disinfect all hotel surfaces and UV-C light helps prevent the spread of airborne viruses.

“The tests were run on CleanseBot and recorded UV-C strength of 1500 mu w/cm2 and UV-C wavelength of 254 nm. The test results show that with only 30 seconds of exposure of UV-C light on the E. coli bacteria, the killing rate was greater than 99.99%.”

CleanseBot is a compact and user-friendly smart robot with artificial intelligence. It has 18 built-in sensors, four UV-C lamps to kill almost 99.99 percent germs and bacteria on any surface.

Just set this bot on the bed and turn it on for 30 or 60 minutes. It will keep your bed sheets and blankets ready with almost zero germs and bacteria. This amazing robot equipped three modes as the under blanket mode, handheld mode and power bank mode. You can choose a mode with respect to your necessity.

Cleanse Modes
CleanseBot Modes

The CleanseBot has 18 sensors and smart mapping technology, so it will never fall off the bed or get stuck when you use it under the blanket.

It will surprise you with features and amazing patented wheel technology. Which automatically sense that there is nothing above it and use the lights facing downward. Also, the CleanseBot can climb over any lumps and bumps in blankets and mattresses.

Similarly, the handheld mode is utilized to sanitize hotel pillowcases, toilet seats, light switches, bathroom fixtures, TV remotes, and more.

It devised a 3700mAh battery to charge all of your devices. It offers 3 hours of running time in 4 hours of single charge.

CleanseBot Specifications
CleanseBot Specifications

“CleanseBot has multiple patents – including one for the technology which keeps the tiny machine from falling off a bed and another patent for the proprietary wheel technology, which allows the robot to go over any type of material or surface.”

It comes with the USB-C charging cable, handle cover and CleanseBot case.

The world’s first portable cleaning robot would be the best tool for traveling and at home. With no harsh chemicals or cleansers, it is completely safe around kids and pet animals.