Reimaging the brushing with UNOBRUSH

Reimaging the brushing with UNOBRUSH

Oral hygiene is necessary just as much as hygiene in general. Clean living is a healthy living. That applies to your teeth as well.

Brushing teeth is an important part of your dental care routine. For a healthy mouth and smile, it is essential to brush teeth twice a day at least for 4 minutes. Certainly, it sounds peculiar as one talks about saving five minutes of a day that too for a personal hygiene. You expect to block out three to four minutes every morning and every night to brush every tooth one at a time until they’re squeaky clean.

But not anymore.

Introducing the UNOBRUSH, the world’s smartest toothbrush that delivers a refreshing clean to your mouth in just 6 seconds.

Similar to a traditional toothbrush, the device utilizes an ergonomic, patent-pending medical-grade sponge-like mouthpiece and beating sonic vibrations to clean the majority of your teeth at the same time in only 6 seconds! Consider it a hyperactive mouthguard.

The ergonomic mouthpiece is intended to fit each kind of mouth — you simply clench down and it structures to each tooth, cleaning 99.9 percent of the surfaces and cleft on your teeth and in addition securing your gums.

This makes the experience customized to every client. Not any more one-measure fits-all toothbrushes with fibers too delicate for profound cleaning or too hard on your gums.

What’s more, your conventional toothbrush that is perched on your sink counter right presently could be housing up to 100 million microorganisms including E. coli and staph. What’s more, not to completely gross you out, but rather the closer your toothbrush is to the toilet, the more noteworthy possibility it has of grabbing germs from the toilet. Microbes are discharged into the air each time you flush and could possibly arrive on your toothbrush.

Well, UNOBRUSH has solved that problem by its docking station. The station uses UV light to destroy 99.9 percent of all germs. So not only does this system clean your brush better than you can, it keeps it protected from all other kinds of bacteria floating around.

The docking station’s plan is smooth and insignificant, enabling it to mix with your restroom stylistic layout as opposed to be a blemish like numerous oscillating brush setups.

Unlike other specialty toothbrush innovations, UNOBRUSH is a universal product that would not be dependent on special toothpaste to make it work. The R&D engineering that went into our design was significant to accomplish this key functionality so that it worked with your current toothpaste. This makes UNOBRUSH a highly advanced yet universal toothbrush.

The surface of the high density closed cell UNOfoam has been specially developed to deliver micro-cleansing power that creates the perfect amount of surface to surface brushing enhanced by the UNOBRUSH fluid wave technology. Therefore UNOfoam will clean between the teeth. Flossing is still recommended to thoroughly clean interdental spaces when using UNOBRUSH, just as it is when using a manual or electric toothbrush.