The recycled carbon chair

Designers and manufacturers together have designed and crafted a chair made from recycled carbon. It is the first chair of its kind. This chair is a smart example of beauty and intuitive design.

Carbon is recognized as the material of the future. It is super lightweight and imperishable. However, it is actually hazardous to our environment. Because it is not degradable and it’s hard to recycle.

Creators of this chair are addressing this problem outright.

During this research they found, “In the 1970s, scientists were able to bond carbon atoms together to form long chains. They created a super strong and extremely lightweight material, thinner than a human hair, 4 to 5 times stronger than steel, and more than 60% lighter.”

“When these carbon fibers are woven into sheets and mixed with resin, a material is created that has many applications. Think about aircraft parts, car doors and bumpers, badminton rackets, golf clubs, medical instruments, windmill blades, and so on.”

It is estimated that more than 30 percent of produced carbon fiber ends up as waste at some point in the manufacturing process. It is well-known fact that resin and fiber are inseparable. Eventually, it is just impossible to recycle, reuse and burn. The industries use this element dumps it landfills, under asphalt roads and in warehouses.

Whereas at LABEL/BREED, enthusiasts determined to design something innovative out of this waste. For this purpose, they approach designers and manufacturers.

They explained, “For this particular collaboration, we asked Marleen Kaptein to work with a group of aerospace engineers at NLR – the Dutch Aerospace Center – and the awesome fiber placement robot they have.”

Adopted machine from NLR is utilized for the manufacturing of structural components for the aerospace industry. It is now operating to bring this beautiful chair into life. It is ultra lightweight weighing 2.1kg.

This recycled carbon chair lasts for a lifetime or more. Since this innovative design is made of 96 percent of recycled carbon from cutting waste and 4 percent made from carbon fiber tape.

It is incredibly printed by the robot and fused together after cooling down. “The robot lays down the entire pattern in large 10 m2 sheets and we cut the backrest and seat from this. Therefore, each chair has a unique design, and if you place several chairs next to each other, you recognize that the pattern continues across the chairs.”


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