Saturday, June 3, 2023

Real Racer: Unleash a child within you

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Simply put yourself in the driver’s seat and enjoy the fun and thrill of driving a racing car with FPC RC Racing Car. A team of driving enthusiasts, developers, and creatives of Kobotix introduced ‘Real Racer’. It is hobby-kit quality FPV RC Racing Car allows you to drive fast, get reckless and have all the fun you might have missed.

This is to introduce a completely new way to race with your friends. No matter what is your real-life work but you can be a ‘mini racer’ in on the go. Moreover, you can choose your own track or turn any old or exciting place into your exciting racetrack.

It is simply a ‘plug and play’ with old school simple RC control. This time you just need to turn it on, connect your phone and get started the race.

Also, the speed of up to 12.4mph and it streams over Wi-Fi, its play range is up to 30 meters, equipped with four wheels undoubtedly, works on fully independent suspension. It works on iOS and Android smartphones and have 2.4 GHz fully proportional control and have quick swap rechargeable LiPo battery pack. These all features will let you understand its amazing features and fun you could have while driving it.

Real racer on the racetrack
Real racer on the racetrack

Additionally, you can record your races directly to your smartphone or on SD card and share them with your beloved. Regardless of age, you can have fun at your ease take a break, sit back and anything. You can drive your Real Racer from the kitchen to yard relaxing in between.

This whole kit comes with Headset, RC controller, Rechargeable LiPo Battery Pack, and Real Racer.

Real Racer Car
Real Racer Car

Real Racer car is devised with a 720 HD FPV camera. It enables the high-quality racing and Low latency driver’s view video stream to show you every turn, jump, dive, and crash all from the point of view of your Real Racer. Also, you can use SD card to save all our racing experiences to share with your family and friends.

Real Racer Controller
Real Racer Controller

Real Racer’s RC controller is fully efficient to control your car and enable you to fast and free. the most importantly Real Racer is affordable comparing to the other similar FPV RC car on the market.

Its headset is to give you complete fill of driver seat. It is devised with pupil distance adjustment and focus adjustment. Also, have capacitive touch button and adjustable head strap. Kobotix has taken full care of comfort and fun.

That’s why they say, “No other FPV RC car on the market is provided the same level of quality and performance in the same affordable price bracket.”

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