Friday, April 19, 2024

RadioGPT, the world’s first 100% AI-driven radio content

In addition to generating art and images, writing articles, and answering questions, artificial intelligence can now run a radio station. This is the proposal of Futuri Media, the startup responsible for creating RadioGPT, the world’s first AI-driven localized radio content solution.

RadioGPT combines the power of GPT-3 technology with Futuri’s AI-driven targeted story discovery and social content system, TopicPulse, as well as AI voice tech to provide an unmatched localized radio experience for any marker, any format.

RadioGPT scans Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more than 250,000 other sources of news and information, to identify which topics are trending in a local market. Using GPT-3 technology, RadioGPT then creates a script for on-air use, and AI voices turn that script into compelling audio.

RadioGPT allows users to create stations using a variety of Android voices. Thus, it is possible to create radio programs that have up to three different voices reading the news.

By adding on Futuri’s POST AI-enabled podcasting system, AI-driven radio stations can take broadcast audio and immediately publish it on-demand with POST’s auto-publishing feature. A TopicPulse Instant Video add-on creates AI-driven short videos on hot topics for social use. Additionally, RadioGPT can generate social posts, blogs, and other content for digital platforms related to the content on the air in real-time.

“As early AI innovators in the broadcast space, it’s only natural that we’re bringing the incredible power of GPT-3 technology, paired with groundbreaking technology like TopicPulse, to radio,” said Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig. “The ability for broadcasters to use RadioGPT to localize their on-air content in a turnkey fashion opens up resources for them to deepen their important home-field advantages in new and unique ways. With RadioGPT, the possibilities are endless. With RadioGPT, there should never be a ‘liner card’ or ‘sweeper-only’ air shift again. Now everyone can be live and local.”

“At Alpha Media, we always seek innovative ways to engage our audiences. That’s why we’re a part of Futuri’s RadioGPT beta group,” said Alpha Media Executive Vice President of Content Phil Becker. “With RadioGPT’s cutting-edge language and content technologies, we can deliver a real-time, hyper-localized, innovative audio experience. In fact, I have such faith in AI that I had it write this quote for me.”