Monday, May 20, 2024

Pure Fingerprint Padlock: Just need your finger to unlock

Smart locks are no doubt really convenient. The smart locks allow you to handle everything via smartphone. However, it has some disadvantages also, it is not the gold that always glitters.

There are many fingerprint padlocks available that rely on mobile App and Bluetooth. The most striking problem is not being able to open the door when the battery of the smartphone is down. Also, these are sometimes capable of being hacked wirelessly.

“Pure Fingerprint Padlock” can be the best product to overcome all these problems. The Fingerprint padlock does not need mobile App anymore or your register phone number or email, just need your fingerprint.

Pure Fingerprint Padlock: Construction
Pure Fingerprint Padlock: Construction

The fingerprint padlock comes equipped with a rechargeable 150mAh battery and has a six month standby time. Also, you can charge it connecting to any USB port. Additionally, it is protected by an IP65 certified waterproof case.

It comes in two models G40F and G10F.

The lock designed to work in all the weather, It can withstand the temperature up to -13℉ ~ 167℉. Moreover, it is able to store 20 sets of fingerprints; share the lock with family and friends.

It can be used to protect your Lockers, Bicycle, Toolbox, Pickup trucks, Courtyard, Trucks, Warehouse, Garages, and a variety of other items.

In addition, you no longer need to worry about the information to be leak and fake fingerprint attacks. Pure Fingerprint Padlock is a simple, safe and secure solution!

Pure Fingerprint Padlock: G10F
Pure Fingerprint Padlock: G10F

The G10F model also works on the same principle, but this Pure Fingerprint Steel Ring Lock is for bike or Motorcycle, etc.

How to register the fingerprint?

It can be unlocked by any fingerprint when there’s no fingerprint recorded. What you have to do is long press 9 seconds until blue light flash 3 times. Then left your finger and press 6 times, recording successfully when blue light flash.

During the recording process, please use the same finger to complete the 6 times fingerprint collections with different angles.

Only the recorded fingerprint can be unlocked. And only the first and second administrators have the function of adding fingerprints and delete fingerprints, and they are not connected to the network to ensure security.


  • 360° fingerprint recognition
  • Holds weight of up to 500kg
  • Materials: Zinc Alloy body + 303 Stainless steel Shackle.

What’s convenient is that family or friends do not need to download the app to receive the unique PIN codes or carry the heavy keys. All they need is finger itself to unlock. The first innovative fingerprint padlock with dust cover in the market.