Thursday, April 18, 2024

PuduTech introduced BellaBot, a cute meowing food delivery robot

If your restaurant does not have much staff to serve your customers, this is the solution. During CES 2020, held in Las Vegas, a Chinese company PuduTech has introduced a brand new food delivery robot, “BellaBot.”

The robot is equipped with four-layer of food trays capable of holding 10kg items on each layer, autonomous navigation systems, PuduSLAM algorithm and a touch screen through which the device receives commands.

The robot is equipped with four-layer of food trays
The robot is equipped with four-layer of food trays.

Described as a “cute kitty” by its creators, BellaBot can move autonomously through restaurants, meowing customers as they arrive to encourage them to pick up their orders. The top surface of the robot is equipped with sensors that can capture touch. The robot’s facial expression changes when people interact with it in different ways. It shows you a lovely face on the screen when you touch her ear.

However, according to developers, if the customer keeps doing it and begins to distract the robot from work, the robot gets angry and reminds him not to interrupt its job. PuduTech points out that BellaBot aims to improve the staffing situation in the restaurant business, especially in China, where the owners of catering establishments today lack waiters.


BellaBot is not the only such PuduTech device. Last year, Chinese engineers developed less emotional robot-waiter PuduBot. The 30-kg device, similar to the BellaBot design, holds from 3 to 5 trays with a carrying capacity of 10 kg each. Its onboard battery lasts for 24 hours of continuous operation, and the device charges in 4 hours. It takes the robot only 120 minutes to map the room. PuduTech points out that with a circulation of over 5000 copies, PuduBot is currently used in about two thousand restaurants in more than 20 countries.


In addition to BellaBot, at CES 2020, PuduTech also introduced a device called HolaBot, whose task is to transport used dishes to the kitchen. According to the developers, HolaBot equipped with three trays, is capable of transporting up to 60 kg (holding 20kg of items in each layer) of kitchen utensils at a time. It can carry a maximum of 120 small plates, 39 large plates, and 33 bowls all in a single delivery, working with efficiency six times that of a waiter. To get HolaBot into work, an operator needs to make a remote call, and then the central control system arranges tasks for the robot.

Both BellaBot and HolaBot will go on sale in the spring of 2020.