Saturday, June 3, 2023

All-in-one in-wheel motor tech to drive with a limitless-360 degree steering

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Protean Electric, an automotive technology company, specializing in in-wheel motor technology, has recently revealed a new module which houses powertrain, steering and suspension technologies in a single component. This new motor, described as a ‘corner module,’ is an ultimate solution for the future of urban mobility.

The fully rotating wheel hub motor called “Protean360+” can be used for all four wheels of a passenger or goods transporter, which means the hubs do not need to be specific to the front or rear wheels. Each Protean360+ unit consists of a ProteanDrive hub motor (a highly efficient and powerful in-wheel electric motor), rim and tires, and a miniature double-wishbone suspension system with a damper mounted in a steering arm that can rotate the entire 360 degrees.

Labeled parts of the Protean corner module
Labeled parts of the Protean corner module

This capability to rotate 360 degrees without limitation will give vehicles an exceptional level of maneuverability. The module’s compact size will allow an urban pod to have an entirely flat interior floor and offer easy access via front, rear, and side doors.

Moreover, the ability of wheels to rotate a full 360 degrees enables urban mobility vehicles to maneuver with more agility and park with ease in busy urban situations. The vehicles can happily move sideways in and out of tight parallel parking spots or turn super fast on the spot. And when it stops to let people in and out, it can lower itself right down to ground level, making life easy for oldies, youngsters and wheelchair users as they hop in and out.

Exposed cabling looks a little concerning
Exposed cabling looks a little concerning

Additionally, the complete removal of steering controls, transmission tunnel, and motor maximize space inside the vehicle, all thanks to its ProteanDrive in-wheel motor technology.

ProteanDrive wheel hub Pd18 motor, which provides electric driving force, (suitable for 18″ wheels) delivers 1250 Nm of torque and 80 kW (107 hp) of power at its peak.

For more information, visit the company website.

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