Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Promobot starts selling human-like robots called Android Robo-C

Promobot, the largest robot company in Russia and Eastern Europe, has started selling human-like robots that they call “Android Robo-C” (a robot companion). The robot can have the appearance of any person that the customer wishes.

An anthropomorphic machine mimics human expressions – it can move its eyes, eyebrows, lips, and support conversations, all thanks to artificial intelligence. The company also claims that Robo-C can reproduce about 600 variants of human micro-facial expressions.

It can move its eyes, eyebrows, lips and other “muscles”. Credit: Promobot
It can move its eyes, eyebrows, lips and other “muscles”. Credit: Promobot

The robot is suitable for both commercial and personal use. The Perm-based company says Android Robo-C can replace consultant employees in banks, cellular offices, hotels, shops, insurance companies, airports, etc. It can answer the questions of the visitors in shopping malls and museums. For personal users, the manufacturer will release assistant robots for managing smart homes.

However, for now, robots will not have much longer working hours than humans, as they can only work for eight hours without charging.

The robot has over 600 facial expressions.
The robot has over 600 facial expressions.

Robo-C was first introduced in April 2019, when an Android Robo-C – modeled on the face of the company’s co-founder Alexei Yuzhakov – read the news on Russian state news channel Russian-24.

Promobot does not release the cost of developing the model. But, the price of the robot will consist of a computing unit for speech and image recognition, image customization. The price also includes integration with third-party systems and services and a platform for moving the machine.

By 2020, the company plans to invest $ 2 million and enter the production of at least seven units per month. The company is primarily focused on the production of robots for Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the Middle East, and North America.