Prepd Colors: The world’s best lunchbox

When everything around is getting smarter then why not our lunchbox? Sounds unusual but its true. A new lunchbox hit the market, Prepd, is attractive and smart. Now taking lunch is easy and enjoyable.

This modular container system is flexible to your requirements. Prepd Colors combines the containers in distinct configurations to adapt your lunchbox to occupy every type of meal. The containers are made from the excellent quality of materials. Your favorite food is safe and since it is leak-proof allows you to store it perfectly.

Prepd Colors is just not a lunchbox but will help you excellently to accomplish your lunch goals. Because you can track your nutrition with Prepd App and can share it with the Prepd community. You can get amazing lunch ideas from professional chefs and nutritionists who are experts to monitor diets, appetites and accomplish health goals.

The Prepd container system exceptionally designed to prepare and take lunch. It will help you with portion control, storage and allow you to prepare your food instantly and readily. Simply prepare your meal for the day with the help of Prepd App, put it in your pack. That’s it.

With Prepd Colors, you are indirectly helping nature to reduce waste by eliminating the need for single-use packaging.

Besides, Prepd App has several features such as you can save your favorite lunch recipe, sort recipes by diet type or health goal. Also, imperial or metric units, recipes to fit the Prepd containers, recipes by chefs and nutritionists and output shopping lists.

Prepd Colors Set
Prepd Colors Set

Prepd Colors is equipped with secure carry case, handy screw-in saucepot, integrated fold-out placemat, magnetic cutlery and holder, modular container and smart range of accessories. These all accessories make Prepd Colors a perfect lunchbox to fulfill your daily meal needs.

The Prepd Colors Set includes one Prepd Pack case, one large container, two small containers and one set of magnetic cutlery. 

There are other accessories will come with this lunchbox. Insulation sleeve will insulate your Prepd Pack with a layer of premium fabric -lined Neoprene. It is a flexible, heat- and wear-resistant material utilized for making wetsuits. It will keep your food’s temperature stays consistent.

One more add-on is the Sleeve’s stylish strap enables you to carry the Prepd Pack in a hand easily. In addition to, there are cool sticks. These are amazing to keep your food cool and fresh for longer. Simply, freeze the cold packs overnight and then clip them inside your Prepd Pack.

You can always be prepared to take your lunch and mid-day meal to the next level. With Prepd Pack your lunch is even more simple, more durable and more colorful.

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