Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Pratt launches new PW545D engine for Cessna Citation Ascend

Pratt & Whitney Canada has unveiled its new PW545D engine that will power the mid-size Cessna Citation Ascend, the latest addition to Textron Aviation’s business jet family. The new engine was designed and enhanced for Textron Aviation to deliver improved specific fuel consumption (SFC), thrust, and time between overhauls (TBO).

Based on the two-shaft architecture of the long-running PW500 family, the PW545D engine is expected to be rated at around 4,200 lb. thrust, making it the most powerful variant of the PW545 series.

PW545D incorporates new materials and technology, including a more efficient high-pressure compressor for increased flow, an enhanced single-stage, high-pressure turbine module, and an advanced exhaust mixer to reduce fuel consumption and noise.

It is also equipped with Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) technology, like many PW500 models. This enables the Citation Ascend to integrate new auto-throttle technology that simplifies control, maximizes efficiency, and reduces pilot workload.

Additionally, the PW545D supports digitally driven advanced health monitoring and diagnostics in combination with the FAST (Flight, Acquisition, Storage, and Transmission) system. With FAST, the engine’s full-flight data is downloaded, stored, and analyzed by experts, enabling deep insights and predictive diagnostics to optimize engine performance and maintenance requirements. The engine will help provide Citation Ascend operators with the flexibility to accomplish a variety of missions, including charter services, personal transportation, and corporate flights.

“The PW500 turbofan family has established itself as the engine of choice for light to mid-size business jets thanks to its proven safety, reliability and durability, attractive operating economics, and comprehensive maintenance plans,” stated Nicholas Kanellias, vice president of General Aviation. “The PW545D is the latest engine in this family. We injected all we’ve learned from the more than 4,600 PW500 engines produced to date, which have accumulated over 22 million flying hours. This new engine is even more fuel-efficient, offers greater thrust, and an increased TBO of up to 6,000 hours for eligible customers.”

The PW545D features a compact, accessible design that facilitates installation and on-wing maintenance. It can operate on blends of up to 50% SAF with conventional Jet A kerosene. This is part of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s ongoing efforts – in collaboration with public and private parties – to lead the way in developing sustainable solutions that will help the industry reach its target of net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

This year, Pratt & Whitney Canada is celebrating 1 billion hours of flight for its entire engine fleet, for which 350 million flying hours can be attributed to powering Textron Aviation’s fleet of aircraft.