PowerEgg X, all-in-one autonomous personal AI camera that can fly

PowerVision, a California-based robotics company, has already released the egg-shaped PowerEgg drone, previously unsuccessfully, but it didn’t stop there. Now at CES 2020, it will showcase its latest achievement – PowerEgg X. This compact egg-shaped device has many uses: it can function as a standalone autonomous personal artificial intelligence camera, a portable camera with a 3-axis stabilizer, or finally like a folding quadcopter.

The manufacturer says the PowerEgg X is designed to meet consumer demand for a universal and affordable camera that allows users to instantly share their images. The creation of PowerEgg X took over three years, over 300 engineers were involved in the process, and over 100 technology patents were issued.

It has a small, elegant egg shape.
It has a small, elegant egg shape.

The device weighs only 522 grams (more than twice the DJI Mavic Mini) and has dimensions of 165 x 100 x 100 mm. Although a camera similar to the Mavic Mini with a 12-megapixel 1/2.8 inch CMOS sensor and a lens with an angle of 78.4 degrees is used, this solution, unlike DJI’s creation, is not only capable of recording video in 4K but can also do it at a frequency of 60 frames/s.

Besides, the drone boasts face recognition and deep learning functions that allow the product to track and memorize objects, even if they have left the field of view, and also respond to hand gestures. In manual mode, the device transforms into a three-axis gimbal, which produces stable UHD videos and can work autonomously for up to 3.5 hours. When used in drone mode, it offers flights for up to 30 minutes in winds of up to 29-38 knots.

PowerEgg X detects the distance from an obstacle within a range of 20m in real-time so it can avoid it precisely.
PowerEgg X detects the distance from an obstacle within a range of 20m in real-time so it can avoid it precisely.

PowerVision also allows the product to have more functionality when used as a drone. The PowerEgg X features collision avoidance, precision landing and comes with a waterproof case and landing float. All this will make it possible to take off and land on water.

Another plus is the ability for users to arrange live broadcasts using their smartphone’s microphone or a wireless headset. Its SyncVoice technology automatically syncs with the video stream.

PowerEgg X can fly in rain and take off and land on water.
PowerEgg X can fly in rain and take off and land on water.

With smart-image recognition tracking, mechanical image stabilization, and simple video-editing tools, it is easy for anyone to shoot material as if they were a professional-grade videographer,” Wally Zheng, Founder, and CEO of PowerVision said in a release. “By creating a multi-purpose device, PowerVision has reduced the user’s total purchase cost, storage requirement, increased ease-of-use, and giving unprecedented user convenience.

Its official presentation will be during the CES. The PowerEgg X will trade at prices starting from an MSRP of $899 and will be available beginning January 7, 2020, in the U.S. market.


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