Powerful portable pump, Max Pump Plus

You need a pump for inflation and deflation for various reasons. Such as to inflate Air Bed, Air Mattress, Rubber Boat, Life Ring, Yoga Ball, Vaccum Bag, Inflatable Swimming Pool, Air Sofa, etc. You usually opt for a bulky powerful pump. But possessing such heavy pump and using it more often is perhaps tedious.

A team of outdoorsmen, who always on to develop outdoor portable products, has introduced ‘Max Pump Plus’. It is the most versatile outdoor tool, lightweight yet powerful and suitable for both inflation and deflation.

It weighs only 160 grams and compact which enable you to carry it anywhere in your pocket. It will inflate your belongings however its deflation feature will help you save a lot of space. Besides saving your 50 percent luggage space it is suitable to clean keyboards and hard-to-reach cracks.

Max Pump Plus Waterproof
Max Pump Plus Waterproof

You no longer need to blow air to inflate your swimming tube, air mattress, etc. The flow rate of Max Pump Plus is up to 256L/min and the pressure can reach 1.8KPa. Also, its IPX4 waterproof material protects it from water damage. Eventually, it becomes the perfect tool to bring along when going to the beach in summer.

It is a versatile tool to use outdoor and at home. Since it is designed to work with a vaccum bag to store spare comforter and out of season clothes.

It is made from super durable solid ABS engineering plastics. Numerous tests have proven that it will work flawlessly after dropping from two meter high. Furthermore, its hard shell leaves it solid when the temperature is below minus 30 degrees.

Max Pump Plus devised a built-in Lithium battery of 3600mAh allows using up to 60 minutes on a single full charge. However, its devised a rechargeable feature to enable you to use it outdoor.

It is equipped with different nozzles as:

  • Large-Caliber air nozzle to inflate leisure household air bed
  • Sharp air nozzle for swimming ring or air toys
  • Rubber air nozzle for an outdoor air mattress
  • Vaccum nozzle for vaccum bag
  • Direct use to inflate some other outdoor air mattress

“Tested by the strictest Korea KC test, it is proved that the battery can inflate up to 500 times and recharge up to 20 million times.”

It is CE/FCC/KC certified pump. It comes in a pack with GIGA Pump, micro USB cable, Nozzles, and other guidelines manual. Its volume is 53.5*61*81mm and compression ratio is 35 percent.

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