New portable turntable allows you to cut your own vinyl at home

Yuri Suzuki, a Japanese designer and electronic musician, has devised a device that will please all music lovers who, however, are not too tech-savvy. Developed in collaboration with Japanese publishing and toy company Gakken, the new portable turntable, called Easy Record Maker, offers you the ability to cut your own vinyl from any sound source in minutes.

On the one hand, it brings back the turntable atmosphere of those prosperous eighties a bit, and on the other hand, its design is as if we had bought from a toy store. The device has an attractive design and resembles a regular record player, but can also record in addition to playback. The interface of the instrument is simple, intuitive, and also allows you to listen to the vinyl created or those already in your possession.

Includes original cutting needle.
Includes original cutting needle.

The structure has an arm dedicated to recording, an aux input for connecting musical instruments, microphones or audio equipment, a USB port, and a small speaker for reproduction. Besides, Easy Record Maker has built-in speakers and comes with ten blank 5″ discs for immediate use.

Its operation is very simple: connect an audio source, such as a smartphone, to the device, the needle positioned at the edge of a blank vinyl placed on the platter, and you can start recording. Once you start the recording process, you can record 4 minutes of music (or other sounds). The recorder works at 33 or 45 rpm.

It is supplied with 10 discs of blank vinyl, with more readily available to order online.
It is supplied with 10 discs of blank vinyl, with more readily available to order online.

The possibilities are endless. Send your loved one a beautiful song, share your own music with your friends, or send someone a very personal birthday card.

Currently, Easy Record Maker is available to buy online in Japan. The launch is planned nationwide in the UK and the US before Christmas.



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