Porsche PCCM: CarPlay and Android Auto for timeless classic cars

In general, cars can last longer, whether it is a BMW M5, Audi RS4, or Porsche 996. In terms of performance and quality, you are not so short. The only thing you notice that time has really progressed is the infotainment facility. The simple units with small screens, bizarre long loading times were also very expensive. However, in 2020 those systems with a minimum number of pixels are very obsolete. In many cases, an option is to use a more modern unit but, it significantly detracts from the originality and appearance of the car.

In this regard, Porsche has taken a CarPlay step that opens up the digital world to the brand’s vintage and young classic cars. The new system, called “Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM),” combines vintage design with more modern conveniences, like high-resolution touchscreens and modern functions such as DAB+ and Apple CarPlay as well onboard navigation.

Porsche Classic Communication Management in the 911 F.
Porsche Classic Communication Management in the 911 F.

The PCCM was developed in two variants: the standard or double-DIN version (PCCM Plus). One with 1-DIN dimensions is dedicated to all classic models up to 993 (including the 924, 944, 968 and 928) and adopts a 3.5-inch touch display, and second with 2-DIN slot with a 7-inch screen is designed for 911 models of the 996 generation and Boxster models of the 986 generation.

Both infotainment systems offer an interface to Apple CarPlay, including the voice assistant Siri, which can be used from an iPhone 5 with the corresponding iOS version. Media playback is possible via SD card, USB stick, AUX, and Bluetooth. Porsche also includes a few retro touches like a pair of rotary knobs and six integrated buttons. Another new feature is the reception of digital radio stations with DAB+. In addition, the new 2-DIN unit is compatible with Google’s Android Auto.

The navigation takes place either in a simple arrow display or as a 2D or 3D view. Like the previous model, the PCCM includes a navigation function with point-of-interest search, but now in a further enhanced version.

Apple CarPlay for your old Porsche can be ordered from Porsche online store itself. The 1-DIN variant will retail for €1,439 ($1,556) and the 2-DIN model for €1,606 ($1,736).