Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Polestar SLR electric concept bike that looks like a USB stick

If there weren’t these two wheels protruding from the front and the rear, we might wonder what kind of object or technology we are in. But it is indeed a motorcycle, or more specifically a concept bike. This weird electric motorcycle that looks like a USB stick is the result of the passionate imagination of Arthur Martins, a designer of Brazilian origins well known in the automotive world since he worked at Citroën, Volkswagen or General Motors.

The concept bike, called Polestar SLR (an acronym for Salt Lake Runner), has absolutely no connection with the famous Mercedes SLR. Not very practical, this motorcycle aims to go quickly in a straight line and on very flat ground, given the virtual absence of ground clearance. Who needs to worry about turning or handling if all you’re doing is going in a straight line? Also, in the land speed racing, the vehicle doesn’t usually require much ground clearance.

Simple and fairly minimalist, the design is inspired by no other known motorcycle. Nevertheless, Arthur Martins still took care to hide the battery pack and the charging socket, which is located under the saddle. It is not only aesthetics that plays the minimalism card since this creation does not include suspension or direction.

The battery pack and the charging socket are located under the saddle.
The battery pack and the charging socket are located under the saddle.

Furthermore, the handlebar from the Polestar SLR will be made with a minimalist look, and a speedometer will be attached to the left handlebar. In addition, the motorcycle will be equipped with a single seat and footsteps that can be folded to give a neat impression. No technical information has yet been released.

Its designer is working on an approved version of this bike, without, however, explaining what changes he would have in mind. This atypical design needs adding the essential elements for use on an open road, starting with legal requirements such as mirrors and indicators. But at first glance, there is still a long way to go as this bike seems to come straight out of a science fiction film.