Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Polaroid Now, a new instant camera with autofocus and improved flash

Polaroid, which attracted great interest from users long before the release of digital cameras, has been silent for a long time. Now, the company returns to the fields with a “Polaroid Now,” the new instant camera that maintains the essence of Polaroid but with some improvements, such as autofocus, self-timer, improved flash, and rechargeable battery.

This new instant camera comes with a bulky design due to the built-in printing system. However, it has a rounded, “kinder,” more modern look than previous Polaroids. This is the evolution of the original Polaroid OneStep cameras from the 70s and incorporates some improvements.

The camera has an automatic focus as a differential. Polaroid Now incorporates a two-lens autofocus system, which allows you to obtain photographs with greater clarity and level of detail in a simple way.

Polaroid Now incorporates a two-lens autofocus system.
Polaroid Now incorporates a two-lens autofocus system.

One more interesting feature is the double exposure mode, which captures two perspectives in the one Polaroid photograph to create a moment your eyes have never seen before. It also features a 9-second self-timer, a more accurate upgraded flash, works with an I-Type film, and is also compatible with 600 films. The model’s flash is of the vacuum tube type, the intensity of which is automatically regulated, according to the available lighting. A button on the camera allows you to disable the feature when necessary or even take multiple photos in series without it.

Polaroid Now measures 94 x 112.2 x 150.2 mm, weighing approximately 434 grams without the film. The equipment, which works smoothly with 35mm and 40mm lenses, is coated with ABS plastic and polycarbonate, with a customized firing system and high precision engine.

instant camera
It also features a 9-second self-timer, a more accurate upgraded flash.

Besides, the new instant camera has a 750mAh lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged using a micro-USB input. Its autonomy should be sufficient for about 15 rolls of film, with eight sheets of instant film each. According to Polaroid, the model was created to operate better indoors and with flash enabled.

Since it is analog photography, so after taking a photo, you have to wait a few minutes until it prints and dries, and the result is the typical snapshot in square format and white frame.

If you also like retro photography, Polaroid Now is already on sale for $99.99. It is available in various colors.