Saturday, February 24, 2024

Polaris and Zero Motorcycles partner to develop electric off-road vehicles

Switching to electric is not easy because the technical and technological expertise and know-how are very different from what internal combustion engines require. Also, it is not uncommon for manufacturers to buy companies or join forces with their competitors to help this development.

Recently, Polaris (known for its snowmobiles, quad bikes, and ATVs) and Zero Motorcycles (known for its electric motorcycles) have announced a partnership to build a new generation of rugged off-road EVs and electric snowmobiles. This exclusive 10-year partnership should allow the companies to develop an all-electric off-road vehicle and snowmobile.

Polaris aims to offer customers an electric vehicle option within each of its core product segments by 2025, with the first vehicle from the Zero-Polaris partnership debuting by the end of 2021.

We believe this transformative partnership will enable us to leapfrog technological hurdles around range and cost while providing a tremendous speed-to-market advantage – an instant offense. Leveraging the strengths of our teams and a shared culture of innovation and passion for this industry, Polaris and Zero will collaborate to shape the future of power sports,said Scott Wine, chairman, and CEO of Polaris.

However, this partnership between the two companies will not relate to motorcycles, for the moment. This does not mean that the American giant will not embark on the electric two-wheeler; the manufacturer has just announced an eFTR in North America. And we can imagine seeing the Victory brand reborn, but only for electric motorcycles.