Saturday, December 2, 2023

Plevo Smart Luggage comes with game-changing additional features

There are some trips that require a few days of commitment, for instance, attending an event, a concert in another city, a weekend with friends, or a small business trip. All these moments where having proper luggage that helps in organizing and checking at the airport is very useful.

In this regard, an American company, in which a team of Italians works, has created smart luggage called Plivo. This smart luggage has raised over $300K on Kickstarter due to its game-changing numerous additional functions compared to other similar products.

A lot of space available.
A lot of space available for your stuff.

The case is not only made of high-quality material like Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, and Aluminum but also has replaceable wheels, a lifelong guarantee – and above all, a lot of smart technology inside. The new smart luggage for travel enthusiasts is available in three versions: Plevo Runner, Plevo Infinite, and Plevo Up.

All three versions have removable wheels and an internal 8,000 mAh battery that can be removed if desired. The battery is designed for this suitcase in order to be easily embedded in its structure. Every detail is designed to make your life easier and limit your travel woes – from a removable USB power bank to a built-in weight sensor.

It features a removable battery.
It features a removable battery.

It also features a smart lock technology like Face ID, Touch ID, and Morse Code, a built-in digital scale to avoid baggage fees as much as possible. The lock uses the associated app to ensure that the Plevo is automatically locked as soon as your case moves away from you.

The Infinite model also has a GPS location tracker, which is always managed via the smartphone app. The Up model, on the other hand, integrates the Garment Hanger for carrying clothes with more orders. The Plevo Runner carry-on includes a removable sleeve for your laptop or tablet on the back, so you can quickly pull it out to the airport.

The luggage is already on sale; you can buy the one from the company’s official website. The Infinite is available for the price of $559, the Runner is for $459, while the Up goes for $599.