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PlatoWork: The neurostimulation with tDCS

Human Brain is the central organ of the human nervous system that works all the day. There are two ways to make your brain work more actively and efficiently when you need it, either chemically or electrically.

Among all the stimulation therapies, the electrical brain stimulation therapy is considered as a more safe and efficient way.

The PlatoScience is a Danish neurotech company, developing headsets using electrical milli-currents (TES/tDCS) to stimulate brain activity. They have created “PlatoWork” a neurostimulation headset that can optimize the natural activity in your brain.

The team has equipped this PlatoWord Headset with the safe and validated tDCS technology and made a plug n play consumer device available to everyone.

PlatoWork: Features
PlatoWork: Features

Neurostimulation describes the act of applying a weak electric current to specific areas of the brain, thereby enhancing its ability to absorb new information and form new connections – also known as neuroplasticity.

In addition, the neurostimulation with tDCS has been proven to increase neuroplasticity and thus allows you to influence and shape the way your brain changes.

What is tDCS?

tDCS – transcranial Direct current Stimulation delivers a constant, low direct current in the brain through two or more electrodes placed on the scalp. Then the applied current activates the neurons in the targeted regions that accelerates the different processes in the brain.

However, stimulating your brain with tDCS will only work if your brain works with it. tDCS primes your neurons to perform faster, but it only works, if you yourself activate them.

The same has used this same technology in the PlatoWork, that mainly targets the two regions of the brain- The Dorsolateral PreFrontal Cortex, and Precuneus.

They designed an extremely lightweight and portable stimulator with adjustable size according to the different persons’ heads. Silicon pads are given at its end that provides grip to fit comfortably. Moreover, it has a rechargeable battery that keeps it charged.

How the PlatoWork works?

Simple! Just wear the headset on your head, select the different modes as required using the PlatoWork App. For the next 30 minutes, the headset will stimulate the relevant regions of your brain, while you continue working.

A girl wearing PlatoWork
A girl wearing PlatoWork while working

The App is compatible with all the iOS and Android phone out there. It manages and keeps the record of all your sessions.

Four stimulation modes:

PlatoWork offers four different stimulation modes to accelerate different types of cognitive functions.

PlatoWork: Features
PlatoWork: Features

Learn – Using this mode, tDCS improves the learning and allows you to acquire the new knowledge faster with the use of neurostimulation.

Create – This mode stimulates the right frontal lobe of the brain. Use this mode when you are generating new ideas or other brainstorming tasks.

Concentrate – With the concentration mode, you target the prefrontal cortex to boost the concentration and minimize impulses from reward-seeking regions of the brain.

Rethink – This mode boosts the activities in the precuneus, the hub of your creative brain and increases the incoming thoughts, thoughts that may evolve into great ideas.

Anyone who is neurologically healthy, have normal skin and is more than 18 years of age can use the headset.

Please note that the person having any metallic implant in his head, having a psychological or neurological condition, having the psychological or neurological condition cannot use this.