Pictar Smart-Light Selfie Stick makes you look good in every shot

A few years ago, selfie sticks were introduced to the world. Since then, it got to the point that it was impossible to imagine holiday regions without them. But little by little, it got disappeared from everyday life. The manufacturer “Pictar” wants to usher in a renaissance of selfie sticks with the new smart selfie stick.

After the stellar success of the Pictar Smart Selfie Stick, Pictar (formerly Miggo) now presents the Pictar Smart-Light Selfie Stick, the next generation of selfie sticks. Thanks to many practical features, they want to secure many supporters on Kickstarter.

With the Smart-Light Stick, the company does not want to advertise any boring arm extensions. The selfie stick should rather convince with sophisticated and above all practical features. The manufacturer focuses on three main points – light, angle, and control.

Pictar Smart-Light Selfie Stick's 6-button control panel.
Pictar Smart-Light Selfie Stick’s 6-button control panel.

It extends up to 77 centimeters in length and has an adjustable size console at the end to accommodate a wide range of smartphones. The stick’s 6-button control panel gives you full control of all photographic elements.

For example, the panel allows the user to do many things, such as electronically tilting the mounted smartphone up or down, switching between taking pictures and videos or front and back cameras, starting and stopping recording, dimming or brightening the image, and even digital zooming. Commands are transmitted wirelessly from the control panel using ultrasound, and not via Bluetooth.

Pictar Smart-Light Selfie Stick Features.
Pictar Smart-Light Selfie Stick Features.

At the top of the console, the Pictar Smart-Light Selfie Stick offers a removable LED light, the brightness of which can be regulated in three levels – 30, 60, or 120 lumens. Along with the brightness in low light conditions, the angle of the light can be adjusted. It can be conveniently attached using a magnet.

The next generation selfie stick is said to be compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The Kickstarter campaign has just started, and there the selfie stick costs $85, but there are also early bird discounts. Retail will later be priced at $99. If enough funds are raised to start production, the first pieces should be delivered in September 2020.


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