Monday, June 17, 2024

Phrozen Transform: Consumer-grade 3D printer with the largest build volume

A team of Taiwanese with an extensive experience of 3D printing, Phrozen, has introduced ‘Phrozen Transform’. It is the most revolutionary 3D printer. It has been widely used in dentistry, jewelry design, and miniature design.

Phrozen team is destined to produce the best printers in the market and have introduced cutting-edge technologies consistently. Phrozen Transform’s 13.3 inch LCD, dual 5.5 inch LCD panel and 40 cm Z-axis can handle your larger projects with speed and ease.

Ray Wu, the co-founder of Phrozen, said, “Our users always asked us ‘Why there are few SLA 3D Printer that can print in large build volume?’ Many great designs were limited because of the low build volumes. When making large prints, the design has to be partitioned for printing and assembled afterward. Phrozen Transform will significantly improve a print’s strength and the efficiency of printing.”

Phrozen Transform is designed to accomplish both the needs; large-size printing with the 13.3-inch panel and high-resolution printing with dual 5.5-inch panels.

Phrozen Transform Dimensions
Phrozen Transform Dimensions

This LCD 3D printer has a printing area of 13.3-inch which is not available in the most SLA 3D printers on the market. Its build volume of 29.2 x 16.5 x 40 cm surpasses the world of consumer-grade 3D printers.

Phrozen Transform Print
Phrozen Transform Print

Phrozen Transform’s Z-axis is 40 cm in length which is twice the other machines in its class. Simply, powerful and accurate enough with 76μm XY resolution and 10μm Z resolution, ideal for prototyping, modeling, and production.

Users are empowered to produce quality prints with high efficiency. Phrozen Transform can print 200 layers (30) per hour. Though you can print large in size, the most pointed out feature, speed will not be compromised.

Phrozen Transform Changeable Panels
Phrozen Transform Changeable Panels

Producing multiple prints at the same time is now possible with its dual 5.5″ panels. Unlike the most LCD printers,  Phrozen Transform offers dual 5.5″ panels in addition to the 13.3″ panel, which brings volume to 12 x 6.8 x 40 cm.

It also has a feature to switch from 13.3″ large size printing mode to the dual 5.5″ high-resolution printing mode in just 30 seconds. However, the dual panels will provide extensive details with 47μm XY resolution and 10μm Z resolution, and you can print on two panels at once to cut the printing time to half.

It is easy to switch with Phrozen Transform. Just turn the power off and remove the 13.3″ LCD connector. Then Install the prepared dual 5.5″ LCD connector and insert USB with system info to switch system. That’s it. Now just turn the power back on and recalibrate. This can be done in just 30 seconds.

Phrozen ParaLED™ Optical Engine
Phrozen ParaLED™ Optical Engine

Proprietary ParaLED™ Optical Engine for LCD is the most powerful optical system on the LCD 3D printer market. It eventually will increase the speed and quality of 3D printing.

“The system’s LED array is the same size as the LCD panel. The light-delivery path is corrected to contract the emission angle of the producing a near-parallel light source to enhance LED penetration through the LCD panel. This gives a uniform exposure for 95% of the surface area.”

Phrozen Transform integrated a configuration which is actually reserved for costly industrial machines. It combines an extra-wide and extra-thick aluminum alloy CNC structure with dual linear rails with ball screws. This configuration provides precision and straight horizontal orientation during printing. Also, it eliminates the commonly occurring problems like draft wobbling.

It is compatible with third-party resins and offers a variety of resins for all your printing needs.

Phrozen Transform Design
Phrozen Transform Design

The most pointed out difficulties while 3D printing, big size, and efficiency, overcome by Phrozen Transform.

Technical Specifications of Phrozen Transform at a glance:

Phrozen T
13.3” 4K Dual 5.5” 2K
Print Build Volume 29.2*16.5*40 cm 12*6.8*40 cm/ tray
XY 76µm 47µm
Z Resolution 10µm 10µm
Print Speed Up to 200 layers/ hour
Optical evenness The uniform intensity in >95% surface area
Hardware Size 38.5*35.62*61.7 cm
Weight 33 Kg
Z-axis Movement Ball screws/ Dual linear rails
Light 405nm UV-LED – ParaLED Matrix
Sensor Omron Optical Endstop
Design Integrated metal structure with CNC processed parts
Cooling System Multi-fan cooling system
Support software ChiTu Box
Software Operating system Phrozen OS 1.0
System No Limitation
Printing Status 5” Touch panel
Supported connection USB/ LAN/ WIFI


A dentist shared his experience with Phrozen Transform, “I really am loving the low-cost printers from Phrozen. Phrozen uses an array of UV which they call a ParaLED that is supposed to be correct throughout the enormous build plate. Well, the bridge that I had made to a standardized STL fit perfectly on a model in the center of the build vs the edges!! That’s big with a low-cost printer.’