PHONSTER: Toy with smartphone accessible to kids

Today, adults are more engrossed in mobile phones and other digital devices. However, in the age where kids should play with the soft toys, kids are getting more and more engaged in smartphones.

It is not hidden that smartphone use is harmful to kids. Also, the cost you may spare to repair a phone screen or other accessories after the kid has thrown your phone on the floor. To keep these problems off of your life, Jorge Olarte designed this new gadget ‘PHONSTER’.

PHONSTER is basically a stuffed monster with a touchscreen bag in front that holds your phone inside it. It enables your children to play with your phone that too without harming anything. Kids can watch videos on Youtube, and play games.

PHONSTER with headrest
PHONSTER with headrest

However, your phone is safe with the adorable monster. It also consists of a headrest mount strap to use it on the go. PHONSTER is simply a soft and comforting friend for your kids. It has a touchscreen cover which enables your kid to access the phone.


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