Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Persico F70 full-foiling day sailer-racer is designed to fly on water

Italian yacht builder Persico Marine has given an update on the Persico F70 project, revealing the concept and more details. Developed in collaboration with Carkeek Design Partners and Pininfarina Nautical, the project was first announced in March 2021.

The Persico F70 is an ultra-fast, lightweight full-foiling daysailer-racer with an innovative design concept offering revolutionary performance with style and comfort. The new high-performance dual-purpose daysailer and racing foiling yacht is designed and engineered to fly on the water, reaching high performance and speed. The racing foiling yacht is ultra-fast but also very luxurious, providing easy maintenance and smooth operation by a crew of just 2-4 people.

Crafted from carbon composite, the ultra-fast lightweight hyperboat is a whopping 70-feet long and has a sleek, aerodynamic silhouette that’s conductive to breakneck cruising. It features a set of innovative retractable wings along with elevators on the rudder blade that together allow it to fly across the water with minimal drag.

“The goal is to deliver an innovative concept for owner-drivers: a stylish, simple, strong, safe and highly competitive foiling yacht, offering a seamless transition between daysailing and racing sailing modes,” Persico Marine stated.

Shawn Carkeek, a lead designer of Carkeek Design Partners, claims that the boat can reach full flight mode with only 10 knots of wind without resting on the download side of the hull. What’s more, the foils will be completely retractable to allow the F70 to dock easily, and the project will avail itself of the same CFD and VPP software used on both the IMOCAs and the AC75s.

The vessel’s interior design is worthy of a sci-fi movie – you get plenty of exposed carbon fiber, LED highlights, and minimalist furnishes with an emphasis on function. “On the Persico F70, we have combined the hydrodynamic expertise of Carkeek with the aerodynamic know-how we have developed over the last 50 years in our own Wind Tunnel,” Daniele Mazzon, chief yacht designer of Pininfarina Nautical, added. Besides, the interiors are open spaces with a series of structural rings, creating a perspective illusion that emphasizes the length and width of the boat and expresses a dual passion for daysailing and racing performance.

Incorporating the latest research and development, as well as state-of-the-art technology, Persico F70 offers two potential uses: regatta racing and elegant yet comfortable daysailing.