Peeqo: The smallest robot that responds through videos and GIFs

Using videos and GIFs is a trend in most of the youngsters. They have become a part of our daily vocabulary. We all use them to express information, emotions, thoughts, feelings, and reactions which sometimes words cannot.

What if our gadgets also get the same freedom of expressions?

If you also think the same then you must meet ‘Peeqo’, a delightful little personal robot that responds entirely through GIFs and videos.

Peeqo is truly one of its kind, which provides you with delightful moments and entertainment throughout your day and brings a smile on your face.

You can build Peeqo yourself. It comes with an affordable and easy to assemble DIY kit that is suitable for the people of all ages and skill levels. This will get you the experience and joy of building and customizing your own robot.

Peeqo: Robot that responses using videos and GIFs
Peeqo: Robot that responses using videos and GIFs

No external tools or equipment are required to build it. Everything you will need is given in the kit that brings super-convenience in building it.

Peeqo is very small and compact. Just 7 inches tall, tiny frame packs a lot of things into it such as 4’’ IPs screen, dual omnidirectional microphones, two 3W speakers, a 5MP camera, LED ring for notifications, four programmable buttons, a unique 3DOF mechanism, a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

Peeqo: assembly parts
Peeqo: assembly parts

You just need to plug it into the wall with the provided 12V DC plug and it is all set to entertain you.

Peeqo uses Raspberry Pi 3/3B+ as its brain, which makes it work fast. It immediately opens up a huge and developing community.

It works with Google Cloud Speech, Amazon Voice Services, Snips and open source alternatives like Jasper, Mycroft. There will be easy integrations for each and new speech to text services can be added.

It provides you with full privacy. Wakeword detection is always done offline and on-device using Snowboy that means nothing is streamed to the cloud unless you say the word ‘Peeqo’.

You can also select the offline services like Snips and run Peeqo entirely without internet connection. However, this will make you accept limited functionality. Again, you will need to provide your own set of video and GIFs. Moreover, you cannot get real-time information like weather.

Peeqo uses sites like Giphy, Guggy, Vlipsy and gives the latest and greatest responses. You will always get the fresh and fun responses to the same question that you will ask repeatedly. You will always be curious to know what Peeqo has to say next.

You can also add your personal favorite set of videos and GIFs that you want Peeqo to use as a response.

Peeqo is not just a limited robot. Its unique feature i.e. visual response system makes it very different and vibrant personality. It also has several quirks which further add to its character so don’t be surprised if it gets annoyed when you ask it the same question repeatedly or when it stops listening to you because you’ve not been listening to it.

It is already programmed with a lot of skills so that you can immediately use it once assembled.

Additionally, you can connect the multiple Peeqos together to send responses from one to another.

No matter what your skill level is. Peeqo has something for everyone out there. If you don’t have any interest in coding, you don’t need to learn it to use Peeqo. It comes with several pre-programmed skills. If you are a beginner, it can be an extremely fun platform to begin coding on.


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