Saturday, March 23, 2019

Pebl: A Complete IoT solution

For those who are unaware of the term, Internet of Things, or IoT. It is an enormous network of connected devices to the internet and to the other connected devices.

There are many advantages of IoT. The IoT allows you to automate and control the tasks that are done on a daily basis, avoiding human intervention. Machine-to-machine communication helps to maintain transparency in the processes. It also leads to uniformity in the tasks. It can also maintain the quality of service.

What if you get all this in a single device that requires no assembly and no programming?

All the developers, makers and Internet of Things enthusiasts may be interested in a new standalone IoT device. The team of engineers and IT specialists at Fingoti company has designed and developed a new very innovative and useful device called “Pebl”.

What is Pebl?

It is a complete one-stop-shop solution to IoT. It offers the hardware, software and the back-end infrastructure, supporting all that you will ever want to do. All you have to do is provide power and imagination!

The device is for removing any requirement for central control hubs. It is completely self-reliant and requires almost no technical knowledge to set up. All you need to do is simply download the app, enter your Wi-Fi credentials and that’s it.

Pebl: Easy to use
Pebl: Easy to use

Every Pebl includes a set-up USB lead, purely to provide power to the device. Once the Pebl is configured, you can let your imagination run wild.

Key features:

Fingoti Portal – The Fingoti Portal is a secure place to manage, monitor, control and interact with your Pebl devices. And best of all, it’s free to use with options to unlock premium features.

Pebl: The Fingoti Portal App
Pebl: The Fingoti Portal

Strong Wi-Fi connection – It is equipped with the 80MHz 32-bit processor and a Wi-Fi engine. The device provides the Wi-Fi range up to 50 meters. Wi-Fi connections are WPA, WPA2 and WEP compatible. In other words, the Pebl’s Wi-Fi provides a secure, powerful and reliable performance, resulting in a lightning fast response to user requests.

Secure connection – As far as security concerned, Pebl is fully capable of end-to-end encryption. Using a 512 bit SAS encrypted key, which protects the communication to the portal from the device.

Onboard Voltage Regulation – It is tolerant to a wide range of the voltage inputs anywhere between 5v and 24v. The built-in heat sinking will dissipate the heat generated due to voltage regulation.

GPIO Pins – Moreover, it comes with the four user-configurable GPIO pins which act as inputs or outputs as required in your application. They provide an output of 5v with up to 50mA (70mA sink) of current which is enough to power logic, LEDs or relays.

Pebl : User-configurable GPIO pins
Pebl : User-configurable GPIO pins

High-speed I²C data bus – I²C is a globally recognized communications protocol that uses just two wires for data transfer. This allows for a vast range of sensors and devices to be monitored, read and written to, from anywhere in the world. The Pebl acts like a secure, remote middleman in I²C communication, simply passing bytes onward to the slave module via the bus at a specific address.

Pebl : I²C data bus
Pebl : I²C data bus

Mesh Technology – In addition, it can use an advanced Wi-Fi meshing protocol. If your project is not within the range of a Wi-Fi access point or router (over 50 meters) then it can search for your nearest fellow Pebl and ask it to share its Wi-Fi connection, again securely. In other words, Pebl allows you to have a long range application without noticing any speed reduction.

Pebl: Mesh Technology
Pebl: Mesh Technology

Some other features:

Along with Fingoti Portal, you can also use a Fingoti mobile app to request the Pebl. It also accepts the request over a LAN, WAN, Multiple Peer-to-Peer connections.

Pebl: Fingoti Mobile App
Pebl: Fingoti Mobile App

Moreover, it  has a 16 million color RGB LED.  You can change them to any color using a single command, visually communicating with users for many different purposes.

Besides, the device resists dust, dirt, rain, moisture and extreme weather when used with the water-resistant connector. It is designed to be IP68 rated, which certified that it’s waterproof.

Additionally, the team has made it as power efficient as possible. It takes only around 80mA.

No worry about checking the software updates regularly! If your Pebl is connected to the internet, it will automatically check the updates when they are available. You will never miss an update!

Furthermore, Pebl is designed to be as small as possible. All components are internal and completely sealed with a chemical and water resistant resin, which acts as a heat sink as well as protection from environmental factors.

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