Tuesday, May 21, 2024

PckRat: Most convenient mouse for people in motion

Wireless mice offer a level of convenience that can’t be reached with a wired mouse, no matter how long the cord is. Besides, the fewer cords also reduce the mess on the desk and offer smoother movement due to the lack of a cord. The only problem that everyone might face is losing it. It’s very frustrating when a mouse is left somewhere else or, even worse, buried in the bottom of your bag while you hectically look for it.

Introducing PckRat by KLAW Industries, which can be the best solution for all these problems. It is the most conventional mouse that clips on to the back of your laptop, so it is always there when you need it.

Designed for people with unconventional offices, whether that is the coffee shop down the street, the desk across campus, or on the plane flight across the world, PckRat moves with you.

Stick the rail on  the back of your laptop
Stick the rail on the back of your laptop

As it uses high-quality double-sided adhesive, the PckRat rail is able to easily withstand water and wear and tear of travel. Don’t worry, it will be removable if desired without leaving any residue.

Additionally, the rail’s innovative interlock design allows you to easily slide PckRat on and off your laptop at any time.

How to use?

For user’s convenience, it comes with a button on the top that helps you to easily handle the on-off. A simple button release allows PckRat to hold tight to the rail whenever you are on the move. When the button is pressed, PckRat can easily be taken off your laptop for your use. When finished, PckRat seamlessly slides back on and clips into place.

Withstand water and wear and tear of travel
Withstand water and wear and tear of travel

Also, no need to worry about its compatibility, it is designed to work with any laptop available now and for years to come. No USB and messy tangled cables are required! Simply connect PckRat to your device over Bluetooth and you’re ready to get to work.

The wireless mouse is carefully optimized for a low profile design. This makes it easy to store in your bag, and that to while taking care of your hand.

All these features make it a stunning device designed for the convenience and reliability required by busy people whose office is anywhere, anytime.