Friday, May 24, 2024

Panasonic HomeHawk FLOOR: security camera which suits your Home decor

Almost every individual in this world is concerned about their loved ones’ security. And when we think about this, the only thing that comes into our mind is ‘security cameras’ to keep an eye on the person and the things that we love.

Using the traditional cameras can be hectic as its installing requires drilling, mounting, sometimes long wires and power supply. Again, it doesn’t suit your décor.

Now, it’s time for traditional home security to get a style upgrade. Panasonic has introduced a new Panasonic HomeHawk FLOOR monitoring system which also complements your home decor.

Panasonic HomeHawk FLOOR looks like an elegant floor lamp. It is monitoring camera and ambient light with virtual assistant integration – a pleasing addition to your home décor.

Simply, download the HomeHawk App, place the HomeHauk FLOOR where you wish and plug it is, connect it to the HomeHawk App and you are all set to enjoy its stunning features.

HomeHawk FLOOR Specifications
HomeHawk FLOOR Specifications

HomeHawk FLOOR comes with the following features:

It provides 1080P Full HD recording, 2sec pre-recording, 140-degree wide angle view to monitor whole room activity, video recording with motion detection and rapid playback. It has an inbuilt speaker and microphone for 2-way communication.

HomeHawk FLOOR can be controlled and scheduled from your smartphone and voice assistant using the HomeHawk App. It is paired with a major voice assistant. Using the convenient HomeHawk App you can easily adjust the brightness of ambient light, check the temperature and many more.

With these amazing features, it has a full-color HD night vision camera, battery power backup up to 1.5hours during power loss. Including this, it automatically turns on the camera when you leave your room or house.

Besides, no registration required like the traditional home security. You can easily take this device with you anywhere you want to move.

HomeHawk FLOOR
HomeHawk FLOOR

This is not the end. You can feel secure without seeing your camera. Including all these incredible qualities, you get three height options-2feet, 4feet and 6feet. You can choose the right one according to your home décor.