Monday, May 27, 2024

Paladin: The most affordable all-metal SLA 3D Printer

3D printing is booming the market these days. Therein SLA 3D printing is more popular. Alas, the printers available on the market are bulky and expensive. If they are inexpensive still there is a dearth of user-friendly printers.

Panda3D, a well-renowned innovator in 3D printing, recently has introduced the Paladin 3D. It brings the power of SLA printing to the desktop that is within your means. It is an amazing combination of quality and performance.

Steven, CEO Panda3D, said, “As 3D printing professionals, we knew the quality and versatility of SLA printing but we wanted to create affordable options for consumers who want the power of 3D printing on their desktop. Paladin 3D is the realization of that goal.”

“The SLA printing process creates objects using photopolymerization, a process by which light causes chains of molecules to link, forming polymers. This type of 3D printing is preferred when objects must be highly accurate and need a smooth finished surface.”

“Paladin 3D is engineered with XY resolution of 50μm. It can achieve high-resolution 3D models with an improved mechanical design. Dual z-axis slides deliver fine details with an ultra-smooth surface. It achieves this performance using a highly specialized, centralized light source, with 405nm 28 purple LED lights that allow for the best combination of fast printing and high detail quality.”

Paladin SLA 3D Prints
Paladin SLA 3D Prints

Paladin is actually designed to print with high-resolution consistently. Therefore, it houses the industrial level 1080p LCD and light source. Paladin SLA 3D printer is made with the all-metal body, auto leveling and dual Z-axis slides features. Eventually, it becomes easy to use and has better durability.

Let us see all the features with details…

A feature that enables a user to use the 3D printer with ease is auto-leveling. It also makes printer preparing easier. Automatic leveling system makes minor adjustments to make sure the print platform at an optimum place.

This printer has a built-in pump to pump refill in or drill out the resins from the tank. Eventually, the resin management has become easy and affordable.

When it comes to resins then hobbyists, professionals, and consumers must know what hinders to start SLA 3D printing. Yes, the bad smell of resin is one of the major reasons. Hence, a team of Panda3D has designed Paladin with the built-in air purifier. It can eliminate most of the awful smell and eventually become safe to use inside the house.

Its all-metal body design keeps it stable during printing. Also, you can use it to place a piece of art on your desktop.

3D-printing is a time-consuming task. Paladin has a solution for this too. It is designed with a button to get started and touch screen to keep a tab of printing progress. So that you won’t miss the critical status of your printing.

Paladin LCD Screen
Paladin LCD Screen

To provide industrial level printing experience this 3D printer equipped with the LCD screen. Its normal thickness is 0.7mm. However, Paladin has used a special version of 1.3mm and has better heat resistance feature. With this, the screen will last 20 times longer than the normal ones.

It is very handy to use just three steps. Press a button to connect the resin and auto-leveling. Then drag the printing file to the USB drive. Lastly, insert the USB drive to Paladin and press the start button. Now, keep a tab in printing progress.

Paladin Specifications
Paladin Specifications

Along with this, the team also designed great resins which are good for multiple purpose usage and cost-effective.

  • Standard Resin: High-detail resin with smooth, injection mold-like surface
  • Flexible Resin: Simulating soft-touch materials and adding soft over molds to multi-material assemblies
  • Castable Resin: Good burnout performance with no ash, perfect for craft and jewelry design
  • Touch Resin: Super good elastomeric properties, designed to stimulate rubber

With all the essential features like auto-leveling, auto resin pumping, and built-in air purifying 2W power input, Paladin SLA 3D printer is available within your means. Its all-metal body and intuitive touchscreen make it user-friendly. Also, its improved LCD life with better heat-resistant materials made it the excellent choice.