Saturday, December 9, 2023

France test-fires new M51.3 strategic ballistic missile

The missile carries the country's submarine-borne nuclear deterrent wing.

Electra’s hybrid-electric ultra-STOL aircraft makes its first flights

This class of sustainable aircraft unlocks the promise of regional air mobility with lower operating costs.

NASA’s X-59 quiet supersonic aircraft moves closer to first flight

The X-59 Quesst may be "quiet" when it breaks the sound barrier.

AI-enabled robotic dogs can help find hidden explosive devices

British Army aims to create bomb disposal tools that do not require a person up close and personal.

Masdar opens world’s largest single-site solar power plant in UAE

The plant is already supplying clean, emission-free electricity to the UAE's national grid.

World’s fastest and tallest roller coaster set to launch in Saudi Arabia

Record-breaking coaster Falcon's Flight will also be the longest coaster in the world.

NASA successfully tests innovative inflatable heat shield

The technology could help humanity land heavy hardware on Mars.

Range’s powered trailers enable 36.9% fuel efficiency for semi-trucks

Powered trailers are designed to reduce diesel consumption and boost efficiency.

DARPA selects competitors to design and build high-speed VTOL X-Plane

The effort aims to validate technologies and concepts that can be scaled to different-sized military aircraft.

AutoFlight unveils fully electric, autonomous firefighting eVTOL

The firefighting model is designed to lift a 400kg payload.

World’s first electric hydrofoiling passenger ferry soars into production

After completing successful flight tests, Candela P-12 enters serial production in Stockholm.

NASA’s Deep Space Optical Communications demo sets a distance record

It sends data via laser to and from far beyond the Moon for the first time.