Thursday, September 29, 2022

Florida startup completes test flight of its silent ion propulsion drone

The aircraft demonstrated its flight performance beyond reaching steady-state conditions.

MIT’s passive cooling system keeps items cool without using electricity

The system could keep food fresh longer or supplement air conditioning in buildings.

Yale researchers discover bacteria that use light for breathing electricity

Light accelerates conductivity in nature's electric grid.

Norwegian startup launch a floating zero-emission power barge

The concept forms a scalable multimegawatt solution for electricity production for shore power from hydrogen.

Open-source fiber extruder to benefit future hydrogels and soft robotics research

Commercially available fiber extruder to benefit future research with hydrogels and soft robotics.

E.ON and Nikola join forces to decarbonize heavy-duty trucking

The plan is to combine advanced truck technology with service solutions and hydrogen infrastructure.

Lockheed Martin delivers its most powerful laser to U.S. Military

The 300 kW-class laser is ready to integrate with the DOD demonstration efforts.

CarbonCapture to develop world’s largest carbon capture facility in Wyoming

The project will permanently remove five million tons of atmospheric CO2 annually by 2030.

Researchers test advanced, real-time algae sensor at water treatment plant

It could be a game-changing technology in the fight against toxic algae.

ZF and Freudenberg to develop fuel cell-based drive system for trucks

The first prototype vehicles are expected to hit the roads by 2023.

New wearable device can monitor cancer tumor size in real-time

It represents a new, faster, and more accurate approach to screening cancer drugs.

Vast is developing artificial-gravity space stations

Artificial-gravity space stations could enable scalable solutions for human productivity in space.