Monday, December 11, 2023

Deep space radar will help detect and deter space-based threats

New space capability program to improve global security.

NASA’s Dragonfly mission to Saturn moon Titan now set for 2028

The car-sized nuclear-powered drone will search for conditions that could imply habitability.

Anduril unveils jet-powered, autonomous drones to combat aerial threats

The future of air defense must be smarter, more affordable, and reusable.

Hyundai and Kia’s Uni Wheel drive system to transform mobility design

This paradigm-shifting vehicle drive system will revolutionize the design of future mobility devices.

DeltaHawk to develop hydrogen engines for aviation and other markets

DeltaHawk's highly adaptable engine architecture is suitable for hydrogen fuel.

Damen launches first electric SOV that can charge offshore

The vessel paves the way for significantly reduced emissions in the maintenance of offshore wind farms.

MAN announces dual-fuel methanol 175D marine engine

The dual-fuel version will be available by the end of 2026.

FAA approval allows Percepto to operate full drone fleet by single pilot

Latest FAA waiver allows for operation of up to 30 Percepto autonomous drones remotely by one operator.

Google’s first geothermal power project is now operational

It is now contributing carbon-free energy to the grid that serves Google's Nevada data centers.

This multi-purpose habitat could be the first permanent outpost on the Moon

France and Italy team up to initiate activities on a lunar habitation module.

HevenDrones unveils new long-endurance, versatile hydrogen drones

The UAVs offer exceptional payload capacity, extended endurance, and precision flight.

Astral’s compact fusion reactor could diagnose and treat cancer

New technology has the potential to revolutionize cancer diagnosis and treatment.