Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Fast, efficient fluorine-based desalination membrane to purify saltwater

Fluorous nanochannels work faster, require less pressure and less energy, and are a more effective filter.

Norway to launch an electric flying boat for luxury transport

The seaplane is a quick, non-intrusive way of transporting people over challenging terrain.

Sandia researchers design microgrid to power future lunar base

Reliable, resilient microgrid to sustain astronauts, mining, and fuel processing.

China’s TCab completes transition flights with E20 50%-scale demonstrator

In 2022 TCab Tech is steadily pushing forward our E20 development.

Vestas, European Energy to test offshore wind technology in Denmark

They plan to make the Danish city of Frederikshavn a focal point in the future of offshore wind tech.

Saab unveils Sirius Compact, a lightweight passive electronic warfare sensor

It is designed to meet surveillance challenges across all levels of tactical operations by locating threats.

Researchers turn urine and industrial sludge into eco-friendly biocement

The biocement is made entirely from waste materials, making it even greener and more sustainable alternative.

Blue-green algae can power a microprocessor continuously for a year

Scientists create reliable and renewable biological photovoltaic cells to power small devices.

Orbex unveils Europe’s first full-scale micro-launcher orbital rocket

World's most environmentally friendly rocket seen in its complete form for first time.

Teledyne FLIR unveils new laser target designator for military drones

The designator is specially designed for use on the FLIR R80D SkyRaider UAS platform.

Self-charging battery harvests energy from the humidity in the air

New battery tech can create electricity from moisture in the air and self-charge itself within minutes.

Joby Aviation’s air taxi successfully completes NASA acoustic testing

The full-size pre-production aircraft successfully demonstrated its revolutionary low-noise profile.