Thursday, September 28, 2023

Smalo unveils AI-powered e-bikes, LX2 and PX2

The smart mode detects how hard the rider is pedaling and automatically shifts into the right gear.

NASA’s first asteroid sample landed safely on Earth

A capsule of rocks and dust collected from asteroid Bennu is finally on Earth.

This fastest eVTOL for emergency response is total game-changer

JA1 Pulse can fly trained commercial and emergency equipment into unimproved landing zones in rural areas.

Stoke Space tests the reusable second-stage Hopper rocket

Stoke Space successfully landed its reusable second stage rocket system.

Pershing unveils the first Sport Utility Yacht, GTX116

The luxury yacht combines elegance, incredible deck space, and the signature Pershing thrill.

Huawei debuts Nearlink, a faster, more efficient wireless technology

Nearlink takes about 60% less power than traditional wireless transmission technologies.

Supernal opens its battery research facility in Fremont

This marks the third and final facility Supernal will open in America this year.

Ørsted and Terra Solar to develop a 400 MW solar farm in Ireland

This solar farm project will potentially power over 90,000 Irish homes.

Solar cars can reduce charging needs by half

The potential of solar cars in the world!

The iconic British brand MINI unveils its first-ever e-bike

The MINI E-Bike 1 designed to offer maximum comfort, performance, and safety.

Airport area security monitoring with AtlasNEST

The drone can autonomously take off and land on AtlasNEST docking station without human assistance.

GoodWe completes 10.95MW large-scale PV project in Malaysia

Solar Citra project to be fully implemented with its integrated one-stop PV solution.