Thursday, April 18, 2024

Sierra Space aims to transport cargo anywhere on Earth in 90 minutes

The company beta-tested a revolutionary new return logistics spacecraft.

Voltpost retrofits lampposts into a modular EV charging solution

First-of-a-kind platform democratizes charging access while reducing footprint, cost, and install time.

Japan to build a lunar rover for NASA’s Artemis mission

Japan will develop and operate a pressurized rover for crewed and uncrewed exploration on the Moon.

Electron 5 stands as the cornerstone for regional air mobility

Destined to redefine regional air transport.

U.S. Space Force awards contracts for VICTUS HAZE mission

It will demonstrate the U.S. Space Force's ability to respond to irresponsible behavior in orbit.

World’s largest renewable energy park is operational in India

The plant will be entirely covered with waterless robotic module cleaning systems.

These smartglasses track gaze, facial expressions without cameras

The technology consumes significantly less power than similar tools using cameras.

Space Solar demonstrates world’s first 360-degree wireless power transmission

This accomplishment marks a significant step towards sustainable and affordable energy solutions.

NASA’s Artemis mission to land first non-American astronaut on the Moon

NASA and Japan's space agency have signed an agreement to advance sustainable human exploration of the Moon.

NASA to launch next-gen solar sail technology into deep space

The technology could advance future space travel and expand our understanding of our Sun and solar system.

Legged hopping robot to explore microgravity environments

The robot is able to demonstrate the key capabilities necessary for microgravity locomotion.

Vast’s Haven-1 space station to launch with SpaceX Starlink

It is to be World's First Commercial Space Station Connected by SpaceX Starlink.