Thursday, September 29, 2022

Meet Salmon Eye, a floating exhibition space that resembles a fish eye

It is a spectacular floating aquaculture visitor and learning center in Norway.

Lignin could help obtain a complete bio-based jet fuel

Catalytic process with lignin could enable 100% sustainable aviation fuel.

Bollinger Motors, Wabash to develop refrigerated delivery electric truck

The two companies joined forces to 'green up' refrigerated food delivery.

USAF selects Raytheon to develop Hypersonic Attack Cruise Missile

The Hypersonic Attack Cruise Missile is an air-breathing, scramjet-powered munition.

Saildrone captures incredible video inside Category 4 Hurricane Fiona

For the second year, NOAA and Saildrone are hurricane chasing with uncrewed wind-powered vehicles.

Rolls-Royce releases mtu rail engines for use with sustainable fuels

With synthetic diesel fuels, CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 100% compared to fossil diesel.

A discovery brings stable, efficient perovskite cells closer to commercialization

The Rice-led project could make perovskite cells ready for prime time.

A swarm of cooperative, 3D-printing drones for construction and repair

These flying robots work as a team to print 3D materials for building or repairing structures.

SpinLaunch closes new funding round to fling payload to space

The method will eliminate 70% of the fuel and infrastructure requirements of traditional launch methods.

Patented technology generates electricity from ocean wave, clothing, and cars

It could create more cost-effective, highly efficient tools for generating clean energy from the ocean.

DARPA autonomous combat vehicles take to the hills in off-road testing

Now the team will focus on even more difficult off-road landscapes at Camp Roberts, California.

B-21 Raider stealth bomber to be unveiled in early December

The B-21 Raider unveiling will be a historic moment, providing an exclusive view of the aircraft.