Osiris: smallest and affordable smart water monitor

Osiris- smart water monitor
Osiris- smart water monitor

Wastage of water can result in one of the major disasters if this continues. We must control the uses of water. We should start it with the small steps like stopping water leakage, using less water, etc.

A huge drawback of plumbing System is we have to deal with various valves to stop and run water. Sometimes we forget to turn off the tap. Also, we cannot notice the leakages.

Andre Oliver, founder of AZ APPS with his team has found a great solution for this. They have designed and developed a product called “Osiris”.

Home plumbing leak can cause a lot of money problems. Osiris helps you to keep an eye on your home, so you do not need to worry about water leakage anymore.

Osiris is the world’s smallest & least expensive Smart Water Monitor. Osiris protects your home from water leaks and freezing pipes, helps you conserve water, and saves your money.

You can install it in seconds without using any tool. Simply tie-wrap Osiris onto a pipe, plug it in and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. It works with free Android & iOS Apps, available from the Google & Apple stores.


Osiris monitors water flow and alerts you if you have a water leak. You can turn off the water and stop the leak before it damages your home, save thousands of money and also prevent the growth of mold.

During winter when your pipes start freezing. It monitors the decreasing pipe temperature and alerts you so that you can turn on your heater and prevent your pipes before getting freeze and burst.

Moreover, Osiris alerts you when you get a water leak or leave the garden pipeline on. Osiris finds the leak long before you get a surprise on your water bill.

Osiris helps you to keep track of how and when you use water most so that you can find ways to overcome the excess use of water. Now, you can see how your use of water changes over time and with the weather. Osiris allows you to set a monthly goal for reducing your water use and track your progress.

Osiris helps you make small, positive changes that add up to big savings over time. It comes with Trident Smart Water Valve so, you can shut off your water remotely as Osiris detects a leak.

osiris Trident Smart Water Valve
Osiris Trident Smart Water Valve

The 1oz (28.34gram) weighted device can fit any sized copper or PVC pipe. Each Osiris comes with tie-wraps, a power adapter, and instructions.

How about its working?

you just need to mount Osiris on your main pipe or any regular pipe inside your home. It has a sensitive transducer. When you run your water, a sound is produced which conducts through your entire plumbing system. Osiris listens to the sound and knows when your water is on. Osiris records how many minutes you run your water each hour. This helps you understand when and how long you use water.

Osiris comes with free public cloud-to-cloud APIs. Manage alarms, graph water use, set goals, and more.