Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Orasaifu: The highest security level smart wallet

Introducing Orasaifu created by Ora Inc., the first of its kind hardware smart wallet. It is one solution for your asset storage, transaction, and recovery.

No more problems from the obsolete wallets, the OraSaifu permits you securely store all your Credit Cards, Debit Cards, alongside gift vouchers, tickets, work identifications or even your rec center participation cards across the board place, and everything is sorted out and open readily available.

It can manage all your cryptos, by offering easy and worry-free offline storage, and 2 step authentication transaction. It uses one card with two modes that allow both crypto and banking functions to exist in the same hardware.

One most fascinating feature that sets this product aside from the other ones in the market is that it relies on both a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and in the SE technology using only a single chip for this. By using this kind of technology, the users are considerably safer when using the hardware.

It also has support for other 20 altcoins. You can use it to send payments, receive them and check your account details for multiple accounts.

The service always requires two-step authentication for transactions and a USB port, which always leaves your private keys isolated from the internet.

In order to prevent the device from hackers, designers make sure that any computer cannot have access to them.

It has the diameter of a bank card with a 4-inch display and an 83.37% screen to body ratio. It supports many types of cards, even business cards, and membership ones. This way, you do not need to have a lot of cards just to open doors for your gym or office.

  • Support all ERC20 Tokens
  • Bank level security
  • Independent hardware device
  • Malware and hack free
  • Cashless= Effortless
  • 7 days battery life and 1 hr USB Type-C dash charge