Friday, April 19, 2024

OptiShokz Revvez: One of its kind Sports Audio Sunglasses

Audio sunglasses will be one of the fashion trends in the coming years. Using the sunglasses to make calls, listen to music would be a thrilling experience to everyone.

AfterShokz company has created their first ever audio sunglasses, that features AfterShokz bone conduction technology named as “OptiShokz Revvez”. These sunglasses deliver a totally tuned-in audio experience unlike anything else before it.

The team is bringing a premium, proven audio technology to the sports fashion eyewear market. Everybody can enjoy its features everywhere, no matter your adventure.

It is designed for cyclists, runners, hikers, golfers, skiers and others to listen to audio and make calls on the go.

Unlike the other earphone that you have to plug into the ears and can damage your ears, the Revvez are design to bring the ultimate open-ear audio experience. Using the bone conduction technology, OptoShokz Revvez passes the sound to your ears through ear cartilage from behind the inner ears, delivering the sound without plugging or covering them.


OptiShokz Revvez: Bone Conduction
OptiShokz Revvez: Bone Conduction

It looks the same as your normal sunglasses, you can use them on daily basis. Along with eye protection, it absolutely suits your style and needs.

At the end of the bendable Titanium frame arm, the bone conduction Transducer is located. You can fold the end down onto the back of your ear, which helps keep the headphones securely in place on your head. It’s kind of like have a little clamp on each arm of the sunglasses.

Transducer: Internal Structure
Transducer: Internal Structure

What makes the OptiShokz stands out? It is the only pair of sunglasses with behind transducers to enhance audio and deliver unparalleled music quality. LeakSlayer PremiumPitch+ technologies reduce sound leakage and enhance audio for the highest quality bone conduction audio available.

Also, these lightweight sunglasses weighs just 45 grams, feels very light on ears, while the TR90 nylon frame provides extreme flexibility for comfort.

OptiShokz Revvez: Construction
OptiShokz Revvez: Construction

With bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, it provides the strongest connectivity and easily paired with your smartphones within a range of 33feets.

Moreover, a rechargeable 180mAh Li-Polymer battery is used in it which charges in less than 2hours and gives 6 hours of playtime. Now, stream music and make calls with indusrty-leading battery life.

In addition, it lasts till the day, the IP-55 rated OptiShokz Revvez is sweat proof and water resistance.

Another amazing feature is it comes with the interchangeable nosepieces and in four styles, you can choose the one that fits your unique face and changing needs.

Whether you’re on the job site or biking through the city, be aware of your surroundings even while enjoying your favorite music, podcasts or audio books.