Tuesday, April 16, 2024

OBSBOT Tail: first AI base smart video camera

We always love to capture the memorable moments that we have. But handling that bulky and complicated cameras can be hectic. Also, sometimes we need a photographer to capture our lovable memories, whether with family, friends or loved ones.

What if you had your own cameraman to record every memorable moment of your life?

Meet OBSBOT Tail, the first smart cameraman. OBSBOT Tail is the world’s first Audio-Director AI camera powered by AI chip and packed with breathtaking new abilities, through premium hardware, a powerful app, and advanced algorithms.

It enables you to be your own actor, director, and cameraman all at the same time.

OBSBOT Tail is powered by HI3559A chip that enables up to 5TFLOPS of computing power, which make it possible to support premium imaging technologies like HDR10*/3DLUT/3DNR etc. Using these powerful technologies, OBSBOT Tail gives you unrivaled performance in the field of AI imaging.

OBSBOT constuction
OBSBOT construction

OBSBOT comes with the tap lock technology that helps you to quickly lock or switch the shooting target in simple clicks. It ensures stable and smooth tracking with advanced AI tracking that allows for shooting up to 40 meters.

The smart Ai also tracks in low light environments, noisy streets, twisted postures, tricky angles, and colorful backgrounds. Again, it is integrated with brand new Shar-Lock technology which helps to regain lost target quickly even under extreme shooting condition.

The pinpointing system automatically accommodates your distance changes, posture variations, as well as camera movements. It can be compared to photographers, but it is more stable and reliable than humans.

OBSBOT Tail’s unique and powerful AI tracking technology moves the camera head automatically to track your movements.

The ‘Power Gesture’ feature lets you use different gestures to control OBSBOT Tail accurately within 0.5m(wide) and 20m(tele) distance. For example, you can flash your palm towards the camera to lock its focus in you; putting up a peace sign will activate zoom.

It has a superior quality 1/ 2.3-inch Sony CMOS sensor and a set of 10 advanced optimal lenses.

OBSBOT Tail: Lens Configuration
OBSBOT Tail: Lens Configuration

OBSBOT Tail delivers 4k 60fps video and its capable of recording up to 240fps. With stable 360-degree three-axis gimble, you can shoot nearly all types of time-lapse videos.

It is also the first camera to have a ‘Launch Pad ’using which you can trigger over 20 different PTZR(Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Rotate) camera movements plus close-ups and full-length scan.

OBSBOT Tail: 360-degree panning
OBSBOT Tail: 360-degree panning

OBSBOT Studio is a powerful free app that lets you do cool things like have multiple shooting ratios and use vertical shooting-mode. Use mirroring to show the real-time inversion video.

If we talk about its specifications, the machine’s height is 17cm and weight is 610g. It has a battery life of 180min with 1850mAh capacity and 15layers of battery protection.

OBSBOT Tail will become your smart, AI enabled cameraman who films your life seamlessly.