Saturday, May 25, 2024

NVIDIA, MediaTek to transform automobiles with AI and accelerated computing

Many car manufacturers are developing their autonomous cars and smart features such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features, wireless smartphone connectivity, blind monitoring systems, automatic emergency braking, and artificial intelligence (AI) bot assistants. These features use AI and computing, which are very useful for the car as well as the users. AI and computing can make real-time decisions based on data analysis on vehicle performance, driver safety, passenger experience, etc.

NVIDIA is a leading manufacturer of high-end graphics processing units (GPUs), and MediaTek is a leading innovator in connectivity and multimedia. These companies are collaborating to bring new in-car experiences to drivers and passengers as they will be working on transforming automobiles with AI and accelerated computing.

This partnership will offer customers state-of-the-art NVIDIA RTX graphics and advanced AI capabilities, as well as safety and security features enabled by NVIDIA DRIVE software for all types of vehicles.

MediaTek will develop automotive system-on-chips (SoCs) with integrated NVIDIA GPU chiplets, featuring NVIDIA AI and graphics intellectual property in the design architecture. MediaTek will run NVIDIA DRIVE OS, DRIVE IX, CUDA, and TensorRT software technologies on these SoCs to enable the new automotive SoCs connected infotainment and in-cabin convenience and safety functions.

AI and accelerated computing are fueling the transformation of the entire auto industry,” said Jensen Huang, NVIDIA founder and CEO. “The combination of MediaTek’s industry-leading system-on-chip plus NVIDIA’s GPU and AI software technologies will enable new user experiences, enhanced safety, and new connected services for all vehicle segments, from luxury to entry-level.”

By utilizing NVIDIA’s core expertise in AI, cloud, graphics technology, and software and pairing it with NVIDIA ADAS solutions, MediaTek can boost the capabilities of its comprehensive Dimensity Auto platform.

MediaTek’s Dimensity Auto platform is based on its decades of expertise in high-speed connectivity and the Android ecosystem, backed by years of experience in mobile computing. The platform includes Dimensity Auto Cockpit, which supports smart multi-displays, and Auto Connect, which will ensure drivers stay connected wirelessly with high-speed telematics and Wi-Fi networking. MediaTek’s platform also includes high-dynamic range cameras and audio processing, so drivers and passengers can seamlessly interact with the cockpit and infotainment system.

By integrating the NVIDIA GPU chiplet into its automotive offering, MediaTek aims to leverage the performance of its Dimensity Auto platform to deliver the most advanced in-cabin experience available in the market.

MediaTek aims to further raise the bar for its automotive offerings – providing intelligent, connected in-cabin solutions that meet the evolving needs and demands of consumers while providing a safe, secure, and enjoyable in-car experience.

The partnership will bring a whole range of new AI features for driver and passenger safety as well as a new set of new futuristic AI features for car manufacturers to incorporate into their cars.