Saturday, June 22, 2024

Nissan’s self-driving golf ball automatically finds the hole every time

For many people playing golf is a fun, relaxing and entertaining activity. However, it is often frustrating when you can’t put the ball in the hole even after a lot of efforts.

But with this little gadget developed by Nissan – the ProPilot Golf Ball – you could easily beat a friend or playing partner on the course. No matter where and how you hit the ball on the green, the ball will automatically find the hole every time and drop in. Great shots every time!

The ProPilot Golf Ball
The ProPilot Golf Ball

Nissan’s self-driving golf ball uses its ProPilot 2.0, the brands’ latest self-driving technology, to direct and sink the golf ball automatically. With just a gentle push, the golf ball will always drive to its destination. An external camera linked to software that locates the hole’s position on the green and a route to the hole is continuously updated and uploaded to the ball wirelessly.

And an algorithm controls an internal motor that operates according to how the ball is initially struck. Then the ball will drive itself according to the uploaded directions until it reaches its destination.

As you can see in the video demonstrating the automaker‘s special creation, a young boy push the ball way off course. But all thanks to the technology integrated into the ball, it takes a sharp left turn for the hole, which it finds a few seconds later.

The real reason behind this invention is to demonstrate Nissan’s ProPilot 2.0 self-driving system that’s launching soon in Japan with the line of Skyline cars. ProPilot 2.0 uses the same system to help drivers reach their destinations using map data, cameras, and radar to navigate both roads and traffic.