NirNal, the cheapest, portable water filter that fits on your bottles

Want clean, safe water on your next trip, without all the plastic waste? This lightweight, flexible, extremely portable water filter might be a great solution for the clean drinking water while you are on the go. Carry this water purifier in your pocket and get safe drinking water anytime, anywhere!

Called the NirNal, it is designed to fit on most PET bottles available in the market and can remove bacteria up to 99.9%. All you need to do is fill your bottle with water, fix the filter on the bottle like a cap, and squeeze the bottle and clean, drinking water is ready!

How it works? When you squeeze the bottle, the pressure generated forces the water from the bottle cavity to pass through the filter along an axial filtering flow path. The path is designed to remove a variety of bacteria’s up to 99.9%.

This water filter is designed to fit on most PET bottles available in the market.
This water filter is designed to fit on most PET bottles available in the market.

NirNal promises clean and safe drinking water up to 300 liters regardless of any water quality. It puts safe, clean drinking water at your fingertips.

It contains a sieve and bottom filter mesh that drains larger particulate matter out of the water. The water then passes through a dual-layer innovative carbon form that contains activated nanocomposite carbon granules. This carbon filter element is designed to remove specific substances under low pressure. When water passes through this porous filter, chlorine (taste and odor) is adsorbed and broken down on the surface of the activated carbon.

The filter then uses water pressure to force water through a small carbon block and non-woven. The nonwoven removes sediment, (10-5 microns) and the block structure removes smaller contaminants. Water contact with the carbon block allows for the adsorption and trapping of contaminants.

The NirNal weighs only around 25g and is portable, reusable, eco-friendly. It costs Rs 297 for a pack of three, and each filter is best used before 60 days from the day of use.



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