Monday, December 4, 2023

Nikola Wav: An all-electric jet-ski styled personal watercraft

All the Jet Ski lovers may be interested in Nikola’s newly launched watercraft. The Arizona-based startup Nikola Motors has been simultaneously developing products for both the military and outdoor adventure crowd.

Nikola unveils five new emissions-free transportation products at its Nikola World 2019 event. One of these newly announced products is an all-electric sit-down jet-ski style personal watercraft called the Nikola Wav. Wav stand for Water Adventure Vehicle is inspired by the design of superbikes.

Nikola Motors CEO Trevor Milton called the “future of watercraft.” It is equipped with a waterproof 12-inch, 4K display in the dashboard, LED lights in the front and back and even has cruise control. Milton debuted the Wav alongside an all-electric off-roader and the company’s two flagship electric big rigs at the event in Arizona Tuesday night.

Nikola Wav: Construction
Nikola Wav: Construction

Jordan Darling, the vice president of Nikola’s Powersports division, said on stage, “This watercraft defies the norm and creates a new standard.”

The team has developed a completely new adaptable battery architecture to power the Wav. The architecture is specially designed for watercraft, and a smaller stand-up version will come next.

Enjoy great water adventures with Wav
Enjoy great water adventures with Wav

When compared with electric vehicle “skateboard” architectures, the Nikola WAV will have a “wakeboard” architecture from which other watercraft can be developed.

The company is already taking reservations for the Wav, but pricing and other specs were not immediately announced. Also, the Wav is assumed to come in the market in the early 2020s.

Nikola also announced a second consumer vehicle Tuesday night called NZT: A fast, futuristic off-road Electric vehicle. It is an all-electric four-wheeled vehicle meant to be used off-road. NZT is outfitted with creature comforts typically reserved for passenger cars, like an HVAC system and two big digital displays. It also offers some amazing specs, like 590 horsepower and 150 miles of range.