Nikola NZT: A fast, futuristic off-road Electric vehicle

Nikola Motor Company is known for designing and manufacturing electric components, drivetrains, and vehicles including the Nikola One and Nikola Two electric semi-trucks.

Now, the company has unveiled a new fast, futuristic vehicle that non-truckers might want to drive called the NZT. The NZT is a four-wheeler with a modern design that is built to go off-road. Nikola is also hoping to set it apart by offering some creature comforts typically found in road cars, as well as eye-popping power.

Let’s walk through it!

Nikola NZT (Net Zero Toll) comes with 35-inch tires and a motor at each wheel, which empowers it to tackle trails and hills with ease.

Designed to travel across all types of terrain.
Designed to travel across all types of terrain.

The Nikola NZT’s exhilarating performance delivers up to 775 ft-lbs of peak torque and the wide RPM range makes the NZT ideal for all types of driving; rock crawling, dunes, snow, and trails. It would operate with 590 horsepower.

Efficiently power balanced front to rear with high-density torque e-axles and a single gear ratio, the e-axles are the heart of the Nikola NZT. The Nikola NZT features incredibly smooth and robust suspension via Fox 3.0 Factory Series Internal Bypass shocks!

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a 13" infotainment display with over-the-air software updates
A 13″ infotainment display with over-the-air software updates

In addition, it comes with 7″ instrument cluster and a 13″ infotainment display with over-the-air software updates. Now, no more worries about losing your keys, you can easily login with a simple 4-digit pin. Also, the front and rear cameras are given for improved visibility.

Nikola claims the NZT will go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4 seconds, and owners will apparently be able to take that supercar speed pretty far, too. The NZT will travel up to 150 miles on a full battery thanks to a fat 125kWh pack.

Nikola NZT: Specifications
Nikola NZT: Specifications

What’s more?

Moreover, the team has designed the cabins to be completely sealed off from the elements, and features an HVAC system for heating or cooling your drives. This will make sure the driver won’t get dirty and sweaty along the way.

Charges in 2 hours
Charges in 2 hours

An IP68 rating on all parts means you can submerge the NZT in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes giving you peace of mind in wet conditions. The batteries on the Nikola NZT are installed inside the bottom frame rail, moving the motors to each wheel and keeping a majority of the weight at or below your feet.

Furthermore, Nikola NZT gets fully charged in 2 hours when charged with a DC fast charger, while takes 15hours with 240V to J1772 charger. With an estimated curb weight of 5250 lbs, it allows 4 persons to sit at a time.

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