Monday, July 15, 2024

New Shimano EP8 engine for an e-bike is lighter, more powerful

Cycling company Shimano has announced the launch of the new Shimano EP8 e-bike system, with a new, more powerful, and lighter motor. The Shimano EP8 engine is capable of sending up to 85 Nm to the rear wheel of an electric mountain bike in Trail and Boost modes, higher than that achieved by the STEPS E8000, the highest-performance electric motor in the previous range of the Japanese manufacturer.

In addition to greater performance, it also reduces the weight compared to this, since it stops the scale in only 2.6 kilograms, 300 grams less, and is also 10% more compact. According to Shimano, this weight saving is primarily due to the completely new magnesium housing. The entire motor has been redesigned and is not only much smaller but can also be integrated into the frame much more pleasant thanks to its shape.

Shimano's new electric motor is lighter and more compact than previous models.
Shimano’s new electric motor is lighter and more compact than previous models.

In spite of its lower weight and compact design, the Shimano EP8 engine can increase its performance considerably compared to its predecessor. With a maximum of 85 Nm, it is now on a level with most of its competitors. If 85Nm of torque is considered too large, cyclists can adjust it via the Shimano E-Tube application, so that the torque can be controlled anywhere in a range from 20 to 85 Nm. Shimano EP8 components are also updated with a new gear design to reduce drag by up to 36%.

The Japanese manufacturer also reduces the noise of electric motorbikes to give the impression that the rider is not riding an electric bicycle, but rather a traditional bicycle. Its control algorithm calculates the necessary assistance at all times and its gear design reduces vibrations, resistance, and noise.

The engine is designed to be integrated with the new high-capacity batteries, which reach 630 Wh capacity, 25% more than the previous ones. With the EP8, Shimano aims to compete with Bosch’s high-end electric motors, which, in the case of electric bikes, offers the Performace Cx line.

Electric bicycles with the new Shimano EP8 engine should appear on the market at the end of this year.