Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The new Lamborghini Urus ST-X will arrive this year

After being introduced as a track-focused concept in 2018, the Lamborghini Urus ST-X Concept officially debuted last year as “the first super-SUV in the racing world.”

Initial reports said the Urus ST-X would first appear in 2020, and now a report from Autoblog confirms the timeline. In an interview with the publication, Maurizio Reggiani, head of research and development at Lamborghini, said the Urus ST-X would appear at the Lamborghini Super Trofeo 2019 World Final, which will take place on October 31 and November 1 in Misano, Italy.

Lamborghini Urus ST-X Rear view.
Lamborghini Urus ST-X Rear view.

Regarding the engine, the Lamborghini Urus ST-X will retain the same 4.0-liter V8 with twin turbos that we find in the street Urus, producing the same 641 horsepower and 627 foot-pounds of torque. But structurally, there are important changes; the Urus ST-X loses 1,212 pounds (550 kg) of weight to bring it down to a total of 3,637 lbs (1,650 kg), thanks to the external use of carbon fiber and the elimination of the comforts of street vehicles.

Once the ST-X version is confirmed, the Urus range will expand to include a version that will play a major role in its own one-make race. Also, according to Autoblog, the Urus lineup will receive a new member, which is a hybrid version of the SUV. And this is not just a hybrid – it is a plug-in hybrid built on the current Urus platform. Urus chassis platform was designed with electrification in mind, the models like the hybrid Porsche Cayenne and Bentley Bentayga are built on it.

It is good that the Urus platform is ready for electrification. Since other Volkswagen Group SUVs themselves get hybrid versions, the challenge is to distinguish the plug-in hybrid Urus from the rest of its sister brands.