Friday, May 17, 2024

A new kind of dockless electric vehicle with a seat

When there are several electric scooters already on the market, OjO Electric to bring sit-down electric scooters. With a completely new design and comfort, this electric scooter offers a smarter ride and safer and longer travel.

People had rent a stand-up vehicle to travel, yet. However, this new electric scooter making its debut in Austin, Texas, devised a seat for riders to sit on. Also, it speeds up to 20 mph which is more than the traditional 15 mph.

Max Smith, Ojo Electric CEO, said, OjO Electric is taking shared-use scooters to the next level, greatly improving the accessibility and range of scooters with our groundbreaking commuter scooter, equipped with a seat, so riders can stand or sit.”  

“This is truly a scooter for everyone.”

OjO E-bike Front View
OjO E-bike Front View

You may get confused with its design similar to a motorbike on the market. But it stands out different with its smaller wheel and handlebars. Also, provides choice to either to sit down or stand on the vehicle.

In addition, it has speakers devised for riders to connect to via Bluetooth to play music or get navigation instructions. You can also charge your phone on this scooter. Altogether, you can customize your commute.

OjOs are developed for long term use and built to be durable. While creating this bike a team has taken care of sustainability. Hence, when batteries get low you can service it and use it for a long span.

Ojo’s scooters don’t come with helmets, but the spokeswoman said the company “recommends that all riders wear their own helmets.”