Tuesday, May 28, 2024

New Delfast Offroad electric bike capable of reaching 80 km/h

The line that separates bicycles from motorcycles is becoming thinner. It is now more common to find models that equip small engines that help us pedal and reach the speed close to a motorcycle.

About two years ago, the American manufacturer Delfast earned its popularity with the introduction of a motorized assisted bicycle with a cruising range of 380 km. Delfast has now announced a new electric-assist bicycle, “Delfast Offroad.” The main feature this time is not the cruising range but the maximum speed of 80 km/h.

The fat, low-pressure Kenda JUGGERNAUT 26x4.5 tires
The fat, low-pressure Kenda JUGGERNAUT 26×4.5 tires

The model, which is one of the fastest mountain bikes in the market, really goes to the level of an electric motorcycle. It installs a rear hub motor that prints a maximum of 5,000W of power and is capable of driving us at a maximum speed of 80 km/h (50 mph). Besides, Delfast Offroad is equipped with a pedal and is actually structured to assist pedaling with a battery.

Although the battery capacity is not clear, the cruising range when fully charged is 180 km (110 miles). It is far from the 380 km of another Guinness certified model, but 180 km is still long enough.

It has LED lights on the front and rear
It has LED lights on the front and rear

The electric mountain bike, equipped with high-strength suspension systems, offers the driver two large mirrors. Also, it is equipped with a color LCD display to keep an eye on battery life and speed. Additionally, it has LED lights on the front and rear, anti-theft, touch screen with all battery charge data, etc., as well as GPS location and IPX5 protection against dust and liquids.

If you want to buy one, its price is 6,999 euros (around US$7,740) – plus 199 euros if you want it in red.